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Product of the Week: Dream Recovery Performance Sleep Masks

Product of the Week: Dream Recovery Performance Sleep Masks

Dream Recovery’s sleep masks are made with 30 momme silk and have 8 layers of stuffing to keep light out

Studies about sleep and lighting appear to be everywhere these days. Sleep experts are still discouraging blue light or bright screens before bed and encouraging blackout curtains for one’s bedroom. However, blackout curtains can be controversial aesthetically. Also, those who travel frequently need an alternative option. Enter sleep masks. However, not all sleep masks are made equally. Cue Dream Recovery Performance Sleep Masks. 

Dream Recovery is committed to elevating sleep, one product at a time. The company’s products include sleep masks, pillow cases and its “Dream Tape,” a mouth tape designed to unlock the power of nasal breathing to optimize oxygen intake, reduce snoring, and improve sleep quality. Dream’s pillowcases and masks are created with 30 momme silk, the highest quality.

Athletech News tried out Dream Recovery’s 3D Performance Sleep Mask and its O.G. Performance Sleep Mask for several months to see if the masks are worth the hype.


The O.G. Performance Sleep Mask and the 3D Performance Sleep Mask are similar in many ways. Both were made with 30 momme silk, have 8 layers of silk stuffing to create maximum darkness, an adjustable nose bridge and cool-tech silk. The masks were built for active and side sleepers. Their main difference is that the 3D Performance Sleep Mask has a contoured eye section for reduced pressure on the eyes throughout the night. 


The masks’ designs are sleek and beautiful. The O.G. Performance Sleep Mask and the 3D Performance Sleep Mask designs are very similar except for the raised areas around the eyes. Both appeared high-quality and luxurious, in part due to their 30 momme silk. After wearing the masks for months on end, I was surprised that they held up so well after repeated hand washing and use. The masks’ adjustable nose bridges were also very comfortable, despite my initial concerns about them interfering with sleep. 

I was also impressed that the elastic head strap seemed to fit different head shapes and sizes well. It felt snug but not oppressively tight. It also felt very cool, even during the warm summer months. 30 momme silk can more effectively regulate body temperature, even compared to slightly lower quality silk, like 25 momme. As someone who can be heat-sensitive, I never once felt too warm in the mask.  


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Both the 3D Performance Sleep Mask and the O.G. Performance Sleep Mask are priced at $60, which is expensive for a face mask. However, I could immediately discern a difference between Dream Recovery’s masks and cheaper versions. I found myself reaching for the sleep mask at night because it was so comfortable to wear and successfully kept out any light. The Slip Sleep Mask, a competitor that uses 22-momme silk, is priced at $50 for its flat mask and $55 for its contoured mask: only a small discount despite the lower-quality fabric. 

However, I found my O.G. Performance Mask came off my face several times a week during the night. This resulted in my being woken up by natural light in the mornings. This may not be an issue for those with larger heads. I found that it occurred less frequently with the 3D Performance Sleep Mask, perhaps because of its raised eye sections. However, the contoured design did get pushed out of place more easily than the flat sleep mask, which some sleepers might find disruptive, particularly those who plan to use the mask in a bed. Those who plan to use the masks during travel would likely not face these issues. 

Final Thoughts

Dream Recovery’s sleep masks are high-quality and a great investment if you need a new way to keep out the light. If you’re a particularly active sleeper and have a smaller head, the O.G. Performance Sleep Mask may not stay on all night. Even so, the masks are a fantastic, high-quality and comfortable way to improve your sleep quality. 

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