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PowerPass Set To Launch as More ‘Equitable’ Fitness Booking Platform

PowerPass Set To Launch as More ‘Equitable’ Fitness Booking Platform

PowerPass looks to disrupt the third-party booking arena for fitness and wellness with revenue-sharing and fair-review features

Joseph Foley, a boutique fitness trainer and co-founder of Pedal House, is embarking on a new endeavor — advocating and supporting fitness studios and other reservation-based businesses with PowerPass, a new class-booking platform.

With as much enthusiasm as the entrepreneur has poured into his boutique fitness concept, Foley’s PowerPass promises to promote an even playing field for growing fitness and wellness businesses. Tired of other third-party booking platforms that he says often favor multi-location national brands with better marketing, compensation percentages and placement on their apps and website, Foley is setting out to disrupt with a platform driven by the perspective of being a business owner in a competitive marketplace like New York City.

“PowerPass is our solution to this disparity, ensuring a true free market that allows the providers control over pricing, fair marketing opportunities and an equitable system for everyone involved,” Foley, a co-founder of PowerPass, said of the new booking platform.

credit: Joseph Foley

Over 1,000 studios, gyms, salons and spas are “ready to fight back” and 5,000-plus fitness enthusiasts have signed up on the PowerPass waitlist ahead of its launch, according to the platform.

Key features of PowerPass include a revenue-sharing model to promote mutual business success and growth, a fair review system that requires users to be identified with a photo and name to thwart false reviews, pricing autonomy and an inclusive referral program benefiting both hosts and guests with a revenue share.

Foley tells Athletech News that PowerPass is expecting to soon launch a beta version of its platform before a full launch in 2024.

“Our goal is to ensure equitable benefits for all companies on our platform,” Foley said. “PowerPass is more than a booking system; it’s a catalyst for community building.”

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“It’s made by studio owners, for studio owners,” he added.

Zach Sweedler, co-founder of PowerPass and an entrepreneurial software engineer who founded brands including Nookit and Hustle, believes the platform will be a transformative force in the fitness industry and third-party bookings arena.

“It’s engineered for dynamic resource scaling, ensuring consistent optimal performance,” Sweedler said. “With a user-centric design, PowerPass is intuitively easy to use and accessible. This secure, multilingual platform is set to revolutionize studio-user interactions, establishing new industry benchmarks for fairness and equity in the marketplace.”

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