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Watch Now: Oura’s Dorothy Kilroy Joins ATN ‘Unscripted’ Podcast

Watch Now: Oura’s Dorothy Kilroy Joins ATN ‘Unscripted’ Podcast

Kilroy offers a glimpse into the future of the Oura Ring and shares her perspective on the wearable industry as a whole

Dorothy Kilroy, chief commercial officer at Oura, joins the show in Athletech News’ latest installment of the “Unscripted” podcast. While Kilroy started at Oura less than a year ago, she’s a long-tenured consumer, having worn the company’s wearable smart ring for almost five years now. 

Alongside “Unscripted” co-hosts Edward Hertzman, Athletech’s founder and CEO, and Eric Malzone, Kilroy discusses the ultra-popular Oura Ring and what’s next for Oura while also breaking down what she’s seen of the wearable industry as a whole. How wearables can assist, but not replace, medical professionals is also discussed during the podcast, along with how Oura caters to other key demographics. 

Watch this episode of “Unscripted” for unfiltered takes on the following:

  • How Oura separates itself from the wearables pack
  • Relationships with key demographics including females, active users and medial communities
  • Futures for Oura and the wearable industry as a whole

Key Talking Points:

Introductions: (0:00 – 2:11)

Oura vs other wearables (2:11 – 4:49)

What the Oura Ring offers (4:49 – 6:24)

Responding to consumers (6:24 – 8:00)

Oura and women’s health (8:00 – 10:19)

Oura’s business model (10:19 – 13:10)

Relationship with medicine (13:10 – 16:58)

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Future of wearables (16:58 – 19:49)

Accessibility and demand (19:49 – 22:04)

Artificial intelligence usage (22:04 – 24:41)

Fashion element (24:41 – 28:22)

Wrap-up/methods of contact (28:22 – 29:51)

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