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New ‘Ladder Teams’ Fitness App Takes On-Demand Fitness To New Heights

New ‘Ladder Teams’ Fitness App Takes On-Demand Fitness To New Heights

“Dynamic Fitness Experience Offers Top-Notch Trainer-Led Workouts and Premier Community Engagement”

Ladder Teams is redesigning the ‘anytime, anywhere’ on-demand fitness space with its team-based, trainer-led workouts. The app, which officially launches August 10th, fuses industry-leading coaches and their method-driven fitness programs with live interactive group chats for a one-of-a-kind, shared fitness experience. 

Ladder Teams roster of elite Coaches includes Jennifer Jacobs, former Peloton Senior Instructor

Best described as the “Slack of Fitness” for its emphasis on community and team engagement,  Ladder Teams is poised to lead the movement of hyper-connected fitness training. “People want more than just a good workout,” says Ladder CEO Greg Stewart. “They are looking for expert guidance, motivational support, personalization, and they expect a world-class, tech-driven experience. This is exactly what we are delivering with Ladder Teams. The app’s unique training programs, easy ‘press-and-play’ workouts, and our star-studded roster of elite coaches really set us apart. However, we are most proud of the supportive communities we’ve been able to foster; especially during this ongoing pandemic when almost everyone is craving social support and human connection.”

The easy-to-navigate app offers access to weekly structured workouts ranging from former senior Peloton instructor Jennifer Jacob’s functional full-body “J Method” program, and Lauren Kanski’s and Meghan Hayden’s “Body & Bell” kettlebell-focused strength and cardio training, to Sam Tooley’s “Project Alpha” which advances members of all levels on their running speed, strength, and endurance. Other programs include pre/post-natal-friendly workouts for busy moms, flexibility and strength-building routines, and HIIT programs. The app’s globally-recognized coaches also include Ebenezer Samuel of Men’s Health, former Barre and Barry’s Bootcamp instructor Taylor Walker, Men’s Health “Fittest Trainer” and Crossfit expert Andre Crews, NYC fitness entrepreneur Miriam Fried, and former MTV reality TV personality and fitness pro Kenny Santucci.

The results-driven workouts empower members to progress through expertly-structured plans, removing the guesswork out of training. Daily workouts include coach guidance via in-app video instruction and audio cues. Users can seamlessly sync workouts to their favorite Spotify or Apple Music playlists through the app. The ‘Team’ is the heartbeat of the Ladder experience.

Members can chat one-on-one with their coach, or connect via their team group chat for unparalleled comradery, motivation, and accountability. The app even comes complete with a member-exclusive “Ladder Shop” feature where users can purchase fitness equipment and accessories recommended by their trainers for their specific program.

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The Austin-based company created and launched the beta version of the app during the height of the pandemic, within an impressive 100-day stretch; during which they were also able to secure additional seed funding of over $2.5M.  CEO Greg Stewart brings executive leadership experience from both B2C and B2B technology companies as well as technology investment banking experience at Goldman Sachs to the helm of the business. Rounding out his team are experienced professionals hailing from tech and consumer industry leaders like Uber, Tastemade, Plangrid, Blend, and Dollar Shave Club. Also fueled by extensive experience in the online fitness space, the company carefully adapted to service both rapidly-shifting consumer demands, as well as the needs of top fitness coaches looking to scale their reach and help more people.

“I am so excited to be launching the J METHOD training program exclusively on Ladder Teams,” says coach Jennifer Jacobs. “During my time at Peloton, I was able to reach thousands of people every day which opened my eyes to what’s possible when you find the right platform. Since Peloton, I’ve been searching for the right partner who could unlock similar scale and yet still enable me to create a unique and more personal training experience for my existing community and beyond. I’m thrilled to have found that partner in Ladder.”

The Ladder Teams app is available for download today. Users can experience the app for free (no credit card required) with a 7-day trial to explore which program best fits their preferred training-style. Thereafter, the membership fee is just $59.00 per month. For more information on Ladder Teams, please visit or download the app.

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