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‘Music as Medicine’ Shows Promise as Healthcare Tool

‘Music as Medicine’ Shows Promise as Healthcare Tool

MediMusic has partnered with Tuned Global and major music labels to explore the therapeutic potential of AI-powered sound

The healing power of music has taken on a new meaning with the assistance of artificial intelligence. 

MediMusic, a British startup centered on AI-based music neuroscience solutions for healthcare patients, is currently raising funds to support the interest it’s received from care providers and institutions. The AI-based music solution has worked with Tuned Global, a B2B music streaming service that partnered with MediMusic in 2022, supporting the startup with its streaming technology expertise.

At the close of 2023, MediMusic made a major move in partnering with Warner Music Group to explore music as a therapeutic tool in care homes and hospitals in the U.K. and U.S., with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group also signing on with the startup and its “music as medicine” concept.

Founded in 2019, MediMusic bills itself as an effective, low-cost, non-invasive complimentary service to traditional healthcare treatment that has been shown by NHS trials to reduce the heart rate of dementia patients. But that’s just the beginning — with MediMusic looking to support patients in pre/post-operation settings, during dentistry procedures, and aid those with chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Autism.

MediMusic uses fingerprinting algorithms to mimic the brain’s response to individual music tracks. A personalized playlist is then generated, which causes a positive physiological and emotional response. An optional heart rate monitor can take the experience even further, as an AI-driven “Digital Drip” will analyze the patient’s physiological response to the music tracks. The system knows the ideal response and will swap out tracks to return the patient’s heart rate to its optimal pace. Digital Drip then uses the data for future use via machine learning to perfect its playlist creation.

People Embrace the Healing Power of Music

Even more encouraging for MediMusic’s future is its finding that music is more than just entertainment for many. According to a survey by the startup, 42% of Brits are self-medicating with music for anxiety reduction, 70% listen to music to boost their mood, 60% would use a music service if prescribed by the NHS to improve mental health and reduce anxiety, and nearly one in 6 use music to take their mind off physical pain.

Especially promising for MediMusic’s ambitions is that 60% say they’d consider paying for a service using music if scientific or academic studies show that it improves mental health and reduces anxiety, and 39% would use the music service to replace medication.

credit: MediMusic

What’s Next for MediMusic?

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Gary Jones, CEO and co-founder of MediMusic, took to LinkedIn to highlight some of the startup’s wins in 2023, laying the groundwork for this year and beyond:

“Overall, 2023 has been good for MediMusic and seen us achieve our core strategic objectives,” he wrote. “These have included the appointment of our excellent chairman, Martin Hunt, and CFO, David Zarmalwal to the team; the conclusion of a two year journey to secure licensing with the major labels; a massive leap forward in the creation of our meta data catalog and healthcare fingerprints; adoption onto the prestigious CMS EquIP incubation program and passing the very involved ethics process for a number of important trials in 2024.”

He added that MediMusic also secured follow-on investment and support from Anticus Partners and Finance Yorkshire, writing, “I’ve no doubt the conclusion of our exciting revenue partnerships in Q2 will open more doors.”

The startup is offering private hospitals, well-being clinics, mental health and health care professionals to enroll in a beta release program.

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