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Lion’s Fuel Introduces Suite of Wellness Products

Lion’s Fuel Introduces Suite of Wellness Products

Athletech News spoke to Lion’s Fuel co-founder Darren Lopez about recovery, post-pandemic consumer behavior, and health & fitness misconceptions

Lion’s Fuel, an active lifestyle brand that was founded to assist people dealing with pandemic-related health and fitness issues, is on a mission to offer products that enhance athleticism. Athletech News spoke with co-founder Darren Lopez, who developed a new line of wellness products to help people get back in shape. Lopez has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in fields such as anti-aging and wellness.

Lion’s Fuel’s wellness products currently include a pre-workout drink, a muscle cream, adaptogen tablets for mental acuity, a zero-calorie powder, and a jitter-free energy shot. The product offering comes at a time when consumers are craving a more healthy lifestyle, says Lopez. 

Read on to discover his take on post-pandemic consumer behavior in the fitness and wellness industry, the importance of recovery, and more.

Athletech News (ATN): How did Lion’s Fuel get started?

Lion’s Fuel co-founder Darren Lopez

Darren Lopez: The original Lion’s Fuel e3 formula was developed six years ago to help my daughters get an extra edge in high school soccer and then college soccer. Then we gave it to some elite athletes that I knew, had worked or trained (including Russ Anderson an elite Strongman, Kerry Reyes a Blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and former Mr. California, and a world Pankration champion that I trained). They all simply loved it, especially how it energized them, and kept them going longer at a higher level.  From that point we incubated, tested, and released additional products to help athletes of all ages and abilities to perform better, recover quicker, and stay healthier.

ATN: How important is recovery when it comes to fitness goals? 

Darren Lopez: Recovery is such a key to improving performance and staying healthy.  One little trick we have taught our athletes is to apply Lion’s Fuel Muscle Refresh on their legs at night and sleep in compression pants.  It is amazing the difference it makes. We also tell them that for any bumps and bruises they have to use Lion’s Fuel muscle refresh right away, especially at night, and then apply compression. It’s the fastest way to heal up, we found.  

ATN: What do you think the state of the industry is after two years of the pandemic? Do you think consumer behavior changed?

Darren Lopez: I think many consumers were in shock and unsure of what they could or could not do and their health and overall fitness suffered. So many people liked or used group sports and activities as their exercise. So I think many consumers switched and got out of certain fitness habits.  We do see this trend changing and people are craving fitness and getting back in shape. Lion’s Fuel has tools to help them get back into shape and have an easier time on that journey. 

ATN: What sets Lions Fuel apart from competitors? 

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Darren Lopez: Versatility and application of products. Our e3 product can help combat sports and endurance sports alike get an edge on their competition. Also, there is not a more powerful muscle refresh rub available on the market today. The activities are right up at the limits.   

ATN: Any upcoming goals for Lion’s Fuel?

Darren Lopez: To continue to educate and help consumers and athletes reach and achieve their goals.  Showing them the benefits and versatility of our products and how to apply them to best benefit their sport and activity.  

ATN: What is one common misconception about health and fitness that you would like to debunk?

Darren Lopez: That the same workout program or eating style will work for everyone.  Take a look at three Fitness legends Clarence Bass, Charles Poliquin, and Mike Mahler.  All three had very different eating styles and all three look incredible and have great physiques.  You need to find what works for your body and take a long-term approach like Dr. Life prescribes (look at pictures of him at 52 and then in his 70s).  His habits and examples are worth modeling. It is not always easy to stay on track when it comes to exercising consistently.

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