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Xponential-Backed BFT Eyes Franchise Growth in U.S., Europe

Xponential-Backed BFT Eyes Franchise Growth in U.S., Europe

The Australia-founded fitness franchise boasts over 62,000 members, 270-plus studios, and almost 700 franchise licenses sold globally

Body Fit Training (BFT), a coach-led strength and conditioning training franchise, is charting its course of expansion for 2024 with the upcoming launch of a Barcelona studio and further openings in the U.K., Asia, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

Since being acquired by boutique fitness franchisor Xponential Fitness in 2021, Australia-born BFT has rapidly scaled in the U.S. and Canada, making good on Xponential CEO Anthony Geisler’s vision of expanding BFT’s studio base. 

Xponential has sold over 300 franchise licenses for BFT in the US, with 20 studios already opened. 

“It exceeded our expectations in terms of the growth trajectory,” Lance Freeman, Xponential’s president of franchise development recently told Athletech News.“It’s our fastest-growing brand today.” 

As BFT reflects on its successful growth in the states, the brand is now planning to target Europe with promises that 2024 will be even “better and bigger” for the strength training franchise.

Continued Growth Ahead

“2023 has been another strong year for BFT with regards to franchise growth and members in the U.K. and worldwide,” said Cameron Falloon, who founded BFT in 2017. “We’re really optimistic about the future, and we now want to build on this success and grow our brand to every major town and city. We have ambitious growth plans to boost our presence globally.”

Falloon added that BFT plans to produce solid returns once again as the brand leans into the popularity of strength training with its results-driven eight-week cycles of fitness programming. 

“With over 550 franchises sold to date, we’re looking to see significant growth and interest in our brand and will carry on delivering a need in the marketplace that is a welcoming, inclusive, motivating and safe space for both franchisees and their members,” he said.

credit: Xponential Fitness

This year, BFT teamed with Hyrox, Europe’s largest fitness race, and was appointed the exclusive training center for the racing brand in Asia-Pacific. The 50-minute, tech-focused group training concept also launched a CrewFit program this fall to strengthen the fitness communities within its studios. 

“CrewFit had been in the pipeline for a while and complements the existing 13 workout programs,” Falloon said. “We have other innovations being developed and these will be available early next year.”

BFT By the Numbers

The fitness franchise boasts over 62,000 members, 270-plus studios, and almost 700 BFT franchise licenses sold globally including North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the U.K. This year, BFT grew its international footprint with 60 new franchisees, 44 of which will have open studios by the close of 2023. 

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In addition to entering Hong Kong, Spain and Malaysia, BFT has seen accelerated growth in the U.K. with 12 additional newly signed locations, including a future studio in Glasgow in the new year. This month, London welcomed BFT Hackney, which opened on Dec. 2. Ten other locations have also been sold in the U.K., and the brand assures more are underway.

Community-Centered Fitness

BFT has been called the “missing piece” of Xponential’s portfolio of fitness brands for the simplicity of its strength training concept that uses heart-rate tracking technology to gamify its workout for members. 

“Strength training is already many people’s preferred method of working out, and BFT just enhances that model,”  BFT President Lou DeFrancisco has told ATN.

BFT’s gamified concept allows members to earn Gold, Silver and Bronze awards based on their heart-rate levels during class, but instead of competing for a single award, there’s no cap on the number of people who can win. The gamification approach engages members while building connections among studio goers. 

“You’ll see people high-fiving all the time and congratulating each other, taking selfies in front of their gold medals,” DeFrancisco noted. “Things like that just organically create a sense of community within the studio. That strong sense of community within each studio is a big reason why Xponential purchased BFT.”

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