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Recovery Day: Kollins Ezekh Loves Meditation, Two-A-Day Workouts & Vegan Food

Recovery Day: Kollins Ezekh Loves Meditation, Two-A-Day Workouts & Vegan Food

Celebrity trainer and Built by God TV creator Kollins Ezekh gives Athletech News the scoop on his favorite vegan eateries, sleep schedule and supplement regimen for our Recovery Day series

Kollins Ezekh is known as one of the foremost vegan personal trainers in the country. His 15+ years of exercise and plant-based nutrition knowledge even caught the attention of Floyd Mayweather, who called on Ezekh for help with his fast-growing Mayweather Boxing + Fitness gym franchise (Ezekh is a franchise owner). Still, Ezekh manages to provide top-tier guidance not only as a personal trainer, but also as a personal life coach. His Built by God TV app was founded in order to continue encouraging those seeking fit bodies and minds with a “one of a kind fitness, nutrition and accountability plan to access from anywhere, anytime.” There’s also quick, yet informative exercise videos posted to Ezekh’s popular Instagram account to help his thousands of followers with practical at-home and gym training exercises. 

Ezekh has been featured by a number of publications, including SHAPE, Forbes and Men’s Journal, as well as being interviewed on TV networks such as CBS and Good Day LA. But now the diligent fitness leader is giving Athletech News an exclusive peek into his favorite restaurants, activewear brands and more for our newest Recovery Day series installment. 

Athletech News (ATN):How do you start your day?

Kollins Ezekh

Kollins Ezekh: I wake up at around 5 in the morning. I start by meditating, I often use YouTube to guide me. After that I have something to eat and get ready for my day. My breakfast is always oatmeal and berries and a shake. At around six, I start working with my first client and that goes usually until around 12 or 1 PM

ATN: What’s your go-to outfit when not at the gym?

Ezekh: I always wear old, black lululemon workout clothes, whether I’m working out of having a break. I love the fit of their clothes. I even have formal lulu outfits.

ATN: Favorite restaurants/bars/nightlife, etc.?

Ezekh: I love vegan food and vegan restaurants. Living in LA we have access to awesome spots such as Love Organic cafe, Crossroads and Pura Vita.

ATN: How many days do you work out?

Ezekh: 6 days, 2 times a day. 

ATN: What do you do on your “off” day?

Ezekh: No exercises, no cardio, just a good old fashioned sleep in and spending time with my fiance.

ATN: When you are injured how do you manage your inability to workout?

Ezekh: I have few injuries and I have to always stay active and workout around them. 

ATN: How much sleep do you get? 

Ezekh: 6-7 hours 

ATN: Yes/No to fitness trackers? Data friend or enemy?

Ezekh: Even though I do have an iPhone and Apple Watch, I do not use it to track my steps or anything like that or calories. They can be powerful tools for somebody who is working towards a specific goal or is training for an event. I’m working out at the moment just for general fitness.

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ATN: What does your food shopping/prep look like?  

Ezekh: My fiancé is an amazing nutritionist and chef so she has that down but once again I’m vegan so I get a lot of vegetables. I get my protein from beans, legumes, lentils and stuff like that. I do have at least one protein shake a day to help.

ATN: Vitamin/supplement regimen?

Ezekh: Plant-based protein powder and vitamin D. I’ve found some pain relief with CBD supplements occasionally.

ATN: What are some of your greatest indulgences?

Ezekh: I love French vegan pastries , watching Shark Tank, and the occasional cocktail.

ATN: Can you disconnect from “devices” (ie. emails, work)?

Ezekh: When I’m at work I’m not able to be on my phone, but when I’m free I’m always on my phone editing and responding to other messages and requests of my followers.

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