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Keepme Uses AI To Help Gyms Create On-Brand Fitness Marketing Content

Keepme Uses AI To Help Gyms Create On-Brand Fitness Marketing Content

Keepme Creator learns a brand’s tone and voice in order to develop authentic blog posts, social media content and emails

Keepme, an AI-powered platform for fitness operators, has released Creator, a new generative tool developed specifically for gym content marketing teams.

Keepme Creator learns a fitness brand’s tone and voice to maintain brand consistency and leverages large language models such as ChatGPT to produce creative content and drive growth. The new program assists marketing teams in generating unique material such as blog posts, social media content and emails.

Carefully crafted to be user-friendly, Keepme Creator can be tweaked by gym marketing teams based on their preferences, such as using a casual or formal tone. Fitness operators can also identify the best marketing approach, as the Keepme Creator can generate multiple content versions.

credit: Keepme

Keepme says the goal is not to replace marketing teams, but rather to provide them with a simplified and efficient method that saves time and resources, allowing fitness operators to focus on other areas of their business.

Ian Mullane, Keepme’s CEO, says the company is setting an industry precedent by being the first to harness an AI-powered content generation tool.

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“The introduction of Keepme Creator marks an exciting chapter in our journey, one where we empower operators with an unparalleled tool to elevate their member engagement by further personalizing their experience,” Mullane said. “We can’t wait to witness the transformative impact it will have on our clients’ success and the broader fitness landscape.”

Keepme has also attracted numerous health and fitness operators for its member retention software, including Viva Leisure, Atlantic Club and Cedardale Health & Fitness.

This article has been updated to include new information on health and fitness operators using Keepme

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