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ISSA Launches Pilates Instructor Program, Courses for Training Older Clients

ISSA Launches Pilates Instructor Program, Courses for Training Older Clients

The online fitness and wellness educator continues to deliver with specialized programs for fitness professionals

The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) isn’t taking the summer off. Instead, the online fitness and wellness educator has launched a virtual Pilates instructor training program and new courses from its Functional Aging Institute (FAI).

Pilates, which shared a studio market value of $156.09 billion in 2022 with yoga, is anticipated to experience substantial growth in the coming years, according to a recent report by Maximize Market Research.

ISSA’s new virtual Pilates instructor program meets that growing demand, allowing fitness professionals to enhance their offerings after learning the methods to deliver an effective Pilates session based on clients’ needs, goals, and movement limitations. 

“Pilates offers a host of physical benefits including improved balance, flexibility and core strength, and also plays a role in healthy aging and managing physical conditions,” said ISSA CEO Andrew Wyant. “Incorporating Pilates into our offering aligns perfectly with our continued quest to increase our breadth and depth of relevant education that will help fitness pros improve people’s lives.”

The ISSA Pilates course will provide a deeper understanding of human anatomy and physiology, covering basic and advanced Pilates movements, while students will learn how to modify workout plans as needed. The course is also open for those who want to further their own practice of Pilates.

ISSA adds certifications to serve the needs of mature clients

In addition to is Pilates program, ISSA is offering new courses from its Functional Aging Institute which are designed to cater to the unique needs of mature fitness enthusiasts.

The association acquired FAI in 2022 to provide education that serves the needs of aging clientele. Fitness professionals can now register for several specializations and Continuing Education Courses (CEUs) to assist mature fitness enthusiasts in gaining strength to help mobility and physical function. 

“The fitness landscape has shifted over the past two years and what’s driving individuals and older adults to exercise is no longer simply a desire to lose weight, it’s an aspiration to live a long and healthy life – to improve their healthspan and lifespan,” said Craig Bradley, chief growth officer for ISSA. “FAI’s unique Functional Aging Training Model is designed to do just that, and ISSA is thrilled to bring this offering to fitness pros.”

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Specializations include Functional Aging Specialist Certification, Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist, Tai Chi Basic Certification and Barefoot Training Specialist. 

In addition to those offerings, fitness professionals will also find 13 CEUs geared toward age-related conditions and challenges that older fitness enthusiasts may experience.

“With functional fitness training ranking in the top 10 worldwide fitness trends for 2023, the timing is right to bring this to market,” said Dan Ritchie, FAI’s president.

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