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HermèsFit Hitting Brooklyn with Pop-Ups

HermèsFit Hitting Brooklyn with Pop-Ups

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The fashion-forward classes put a new spin on boutique fitness.

HermèsFit will combine fitness and fashion in Brooklyn this November, hosting complimentary daily pop-up events in Williamsburg through the 7th.

Attendees will be able to experience a unique fitness class that infuses glamour and fashion at the first-ever event of its kind from Hermès. 

Five creative fashion-inspired classes will be offered for attendees, including Carrè Yoga, which uses a scarf to work on balance and flexibility; Belt Stretching, which includes a belt to attain deep stretches; Kickboxing with Bracelets; Voguing with Hats; and “Mirror, Mirror,” where class members mimic their fashionable fitness coach with a leather accessory of their choosing.

The event will take place at a decked-out two-story space that is filled with an Hermès vibe. 

The entire HermèsFit experience lasts 45 minutes and includes a 20-minute fitness session, a “freshening up” in a beauty lounge post-class, and an opportunity to shop the Hermes accessories after the sessions.

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The event will include an opportunity to meet the instructors, grab a healthy drink at the juice bar, and enjoy live performances in the evenings when the boxing ring turns into a stage for DJs and other performers.

Attendees will need to show proof of vaccination for the event at 60th North Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To book a complimentary class, interested fitness and fashion fans can head here.

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