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Hapana Is Changing the Way Gyms & Studios Leverage Data

Hapana Is Changing the Way Gyms & Studios Leverage Data

Hapana has become one of the fitness industry’s fastest-growing software providers, working with brands like F45, BFT and Gold’s Gym

Drilling deeper than anyone to find the industry’s most vital statistics, few gym or fitness studio software providers elevate their clients to the heights Hapana does. 

The software provider has become one of the health and wellness community’s fastest-growing suppliers, having twice doubled in size since moving its base of operations from Sydney to the United States in 2018. Hapana’s comprehensive approach to analytics lies at the heart of its success. 

Operators such as F45 Training, Body Fit Training (BFT), Gold’s Gym, UFC Gym, KX Pilates and Strong Pilates are just a few of Hapana’s many clients.

Data Is King … If You Know How To Use It

Hapana’s strength as a supplier stems from its versatility. Even with a bevy of fitness brands all looking for Hapana to guide them toward different data pools based on their specific goals, Hapana manages to point them all in the right direction at once. 

Central to Hapana’s approach is the human touch, which starts during onboarding. 

“Larger brands are looking at extracting data and compiling it in their own financial reporting packs or trend packs,” said Hapana Founder and CEO Jarron Aizen. “Smaller brands instead want everything to be there. Then, they’re happy to go and favoritize different things that resonate with their business. All of our accounts go through a guided onboarding with a human. We go through that process of helping them identify which reports are important for them.”

Jarron Aizen (credit: Hapana)

But the buck doesn’t stop there. Hapana presents different data points to different customers, depending on what’s important for their specific business.

“Every business is different,” Aizen said. “Whilst everyone’s looking for a similar set of raw data, customizing those dashboards is going to be paramount because everyone’s looking at different sets of data.” 

“You may have a package-based business, another that’s membership-based or some that are both,” Aizen added. “We even have brands with different definitions of an ‘active member.’ We classify an active member as someone active and paying. Someone on a free membership, they’re not in that number. That’s boosting your number, but it’s not adding to your yield. We’re looking at the data that’s really contributing to revenue growth and retention, not necessarily just inflating in numbers. But if they do want that in there, they can add it. That’s the difference. We’re giving them that high level of customization when looking at their data.”

Keeping Up With What Operators Want

The Hapana team also keeps a close eye out for what’s trending in terms of harvesting data. With gyms and fitness studios recently looking for a more detailed approach to retention and engagement, Hapana makes sure they’re covered. 

“Yield has been a big focus for many of our brands,” Aizen said. “If you had five new members that joined this week and two that left, but the five that joined did so at $20 a month and the ones that left were at $50 a month, you’re losing money even though you’re at a net member gain. Those have been big focus areas.”

credit: Hapana

Hapana has also identified figures pertaining to how a gym develops and grows its community as a favorite among operators. The platform has responded by making a variety of community-oriented stats available. Some include the ability to measure the impact of social events, group event participation, in-app referral figures, and group bookings. 

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The same can be said for digital engagement, another subject Hapana has noticed an increase in demand for statistical analysis. The platform’s analytics have already started helping clients determine how heavily they should invest in that element of their business.  

“A lot of brands that went online over the pandemic, some of them have pulled back from that strategy after looking at the data on who’s actually engaging in this digital content,” Aizen said. “Other brands have shifted, where they now use it as more of a brand extension… rather than a direct method to drive ancillary revenue streams.”

Full Data Transparency

Hapana also separates itself from the other software providers with its openness in data sharing with clients. Operators can be misled by other gym management solutions, which sometimes neglect to give their customers the whole picture. 

“Our goal is to ensure that contractually, brands own their data,” Aizen said. “A lot of our other competitors, they basically have the fact that they own the data buried deep in their contracts. You don’t want your data to be held ransom. That’s not how we operate. You should be able to go and get all the information that you need through these reports.”

Hapana also simplifies things for brands with standard, one-size-fits-all pricing. 

“A lot of brands have different tiers of subscription pricing depending on what reports you want. We just go with one pricing tier that says you get access to everything,” Aizen said. “We want our brands to have everything they need under the hood.”

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