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F45 Turnaround Fueled by Hospitality, Workout Variety

F45 Turnaround Fueled by Hospitality, Workout Variety

Noah Galloway, a U.S. Army combat veteran and F45 training athlete, speaks to ATN about what makes the functional fitness franchise tick

After squeezing a mile’s worth of workouts that combine functional training principles with HIIT into 45-minute intervals, most people would think that leaves little room for hospitality. But at F45 Training studios, most people would be wrong.

The boutique fitness franchise made a name for itself in 2021 with its forward-thinking approach to fitness and aggressive expansion. The brand reeled Mark Wahlberg in as an investor and developed a library of unique programs with 5,000+ movements all focused on improving cardiovascular health as well as building lean muscle. 

That, combined with its aforementioned warm atmosphere, also caught the eye of United States soldier and motivational speaker Noah Galloway. Galloway lost both an arm and leg while serving in the Iraq War. However, he remains focused on fitness, partnering up with F45 as a training athlete this past summer.

Commitment to Hospitality

Although Galloway admitted he’s harbored a passion for fitness from a young age, he credited F45 with stoking that internal fire during the early stages of his injury recovery. He believes maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance for everyone, making this assistance from F45 equally meaningful.

“After I was injured and lost my arm and my leg, it was the first time I experienced that insecurity, that intimidation of going back into a gym or getting back into fitness,” Galloway said.

“Even with my ‘disability,’ I feel very comfortable going into an F45. If a coach has to show me a way to modify and exercise, I’m able to do that, and that motivation level stays the same within that community.”

“What F45 is doing is building a community and that’s where a lot of people struggle with fitness, is finding a place that they feel comfortable,” Galloway added. “F45 allows that to happen because everyone there wants you to be part of the fitness community. They want you to thrive and survive.”

Noah Galloway (credit: F45 Training)

F45 studios build their staff of “coaches” with certified trainers able to adjust any workout to anyone’s specific needs. They help foster a “no judgment” atmosphere, providing workout options for people of all ages, including those years into their fitness journey, as well as those coming to the gym for the first time.

Unique Style of Training

Not getting lost in all this is what gym goers actually come in for — F45’s unique training methods. Aside from the variety of options, the way in which workouts are conducted separates F45 from the pack. Given the 45-minute time frame, the workouts move at a HIIT pace but help you build functional strength for everyday activities. This keeps sessions fun, action-packed, and useful for anyone. 

“It’s a perfect mix for boosting fitness and real-world strength,” Galloway said. “For me, being someone that is injured, my everyday mobility is important from just standing up, moving around, picking my children up. Yes, this is an extreme example with me missing an arm and leg, but it’s all important. We should all be thinking about our ‘later in life.’ Are we going to be beat down and broken because we didn’t take care of ourselves? Or did we follow a routine that took care of us and helped protect us as we get older?”

F45 added a gamification aspect to its workouts in late November. Over the week of “F45 Trials,” users competed against each other in cardio and strength-based exercises. It’s just another example of innovation in terms of what the brand offers alongside its marriage of HIIT workouts and functional training. 

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Looking Ahead

Now supported by a new regime, the path forward for F45 has Galloway excited. Although he described the upcoming calendar year as one that would see “big changes” for the company, all of which will be done to further the company’s commitment to inclusiveness and unique workout methods rather than alter them. 

“What new CEO Tom Dowd and the team are creating is purposeful, they want it to feel more family-oriented,” said Galloway. “They wanted to be very inclusive, warm and inviting. I think that we’re about to make a huge splash in the fitness world. Yes, we all see these super fit men and women, but we’re about to show a lot of people that aren’t in that world that they’re welcome, that they should come in and join us.”

Noah Galloway (credit: F45 Training)

Galloway also called the progressive thinking taking place at F45 “awe-inspiring,” describing an undying hunt for newer, more efficient terms of exercise. 

“They’re constantly saying, ‘Okay, what can we do for this? What can we do for that? What’s challenging? What’s exciting? What keeps people moving and motivated?” said Galloway. “It’s not just a handful of workouts that you’re doing. It is a constant movement and change and a lot of thought has been put into these workouts.”

Galloway’s words all represent green flags for a company that fell into a sea of red only a few months ago. 

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