Open a Burn Boot Camp Fitness Franchise: What You Need To Know

Burn Boot Camp, founded by husband and wife Devan and Morgan Kline in 2012, was always meant to be more than just a gym. Purpose, passion, and community are the building blocks of Burn. These principles define the experience for our Franchise Partners and their Members.

Today, each of our Franchise Partners embodies Morgan and Devan’s vision of empowering strong women and their families by enacting change in their lives through building inner and outer strength. By offering challenging Camps, outstanding nutritional supplements, and a deeply supportive community, we can accomplish what no other fitness franchise does: empowerment in all aspects of our Members’ lives.

What is your franchise’s unique selling proposition (USP)?

Burn Boot Camp offers a low-cost investment to access a booming industry and multiple revenue streams, including activewear, nutrition, and digital memberships. We have an open floor plan, diverse equipment, full Burn Boot Camp HQ support, and multi-unit ownership opportunities.

The Burn Boot Camp app, our personal training-in-a-group-setting method, unlimited 45-minute Camps, personalized nutrition guidance, complimentary Childwatch, and a unique Floating Floor to protect joints and prevent injury further set us apart as leaders in the fitness industry.

How many units do you currently have? How many new ones are opening per month and in which geographic areas are you most popular? 

We have nine years of franchising, 335+ operating locations, and have been awarded over 550 territories. 

What are the key revenue streams for franchisees? 

Our key revenue streams for franchisees include memberships, nutrition, activewear, and our Burn On Demand app.

How is your brand positioned for future growth and expansion in the next 5-10 years? 

Burn Boot Camp is positioned to be at 10,000 global units by 2033.

What are the minimum capital requirements, initial investment costs and ongoing fees for franchisees? Are financing or other fundraising options available?

The total estimated initial investment is $239,225 – $562,979. The initial franchise fee is $60,000. Ongoing royalties are 6% plus a 2% brand fund contribution for a total of 8%. We offer a 15% discount on the franchise fee to Veterans with at least 50% ownership in the business. 

credit: Burn Boot Camp

What training and support do you provide to franchisees, including marketing, advertising, technology, equipment and real estate? 

With Burn Boot Camp’s strong support system, our franchisees feel they are part of a more extensive, well-established community. This system allows them to feel confident, leading to more successful locations. Our continuous goal is to champion our Franchise Partners with solutions and support.

Education and Training Support: Our entire Education team is focused on creating comprehensive training courses to help our gyms succeed. We have created education programs, including Burn Boot Camp University and Burn Sales Academy, that make our Franchise Partners experts in every aspect of running their gym.

Marketing and Advertising support: We have a dedicated Marketing team and great partners like Burn Media Co., who help us optimize everything from the music in your gym to social media advertising on a national scale. We provide resources, tools, and guidance to assist our gyms on both a local and national level. 

Technology: Burn Boot Camp’s technology platforms are hand-picked by industry experts to be everything you need to run a successful gym. Some examples include Mindbody Business & Franconnect.

Equipment/Real Estate: Burn Boot Camp’s operations support is second to none. We’ve got everything from our top-tier tech platforms to a dedicated field support team that has extensively researched locations and can provide a wealth of data.

Communication for Lead Generation: From the minute you sign your lease, we set up email automations through LoopSpark, our CRM platform, to drive leads into your location at each stage of your grand opening process and beyond. These email and SMS automations are constantly updated with the best copy and visual branding so that you can convert, retain, measure, and grow your Member base. 

Communication with Headquarters: Franchisees will have a Franchise Business Coach who will be a point of contact from day one. Your FBC will communicate with you directly and may visit your location to ensure the Grand Opening phase is going smoothly and efficiently and that Franchise Partners are effectively using all support given.

Do you grant exclusive rights to a specific geographic area or are there any limitations on competition from other franchisees?

Upon initially signing the franchise agreement, the Franchise Partner must locate a site for their business within the provided site selection area. Once a lease is secured, we grant you a protected territory determined by population density and/or mileage radius.  

Can you provide any pertinent financial performance details that would assist potential franchisees?

Item 19 of the FDD disclosure provides Burn’s financial performance representations. A candidate will receive this information in their diligence process. 

What are the key contact details for reaching out to your company and exploring potential collaboration?

Please reach out to our Social Media & PR Manager, Caitlin Rodermund. 

Email: [email protected]

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