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FitXR Adds Disney Music for an Enchanting VR Fitness Experience

FitXR Adds Disney Music for an Enchanting VR Fitness Experience

The VR fitness company continues to strike deals that appeal to its newly emerging core demographic: the 35-and-over crowd

FitXR has begun incorporating Disney hits into its immersive VR fitness platform, so fitness enthusiasts and Disney fans can relish in a “magical workout” across its five studios – Box, Dance, HIIT, Sculpt and Combat. 

FitXR’s Disney collection features music from ten Disney movies and shows, including The Lion King, Hercules, Frozen and programs such as Hannah Montana, High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls. 

The list of classes in FitXR’s Disney Collection include:

  • Disney Rapid Reps (Box)
  • Disney Combat Combos (Combat)
  • Dancing With Disney (Dance)
  • Disney Drills (Combat)
  • Disney Sculpt Sweat (Sculpt)
  • Beginner Disney Boxing (Box)
  • Disney HIIT Hype (HIIT)

“This collaboration further reinforces FitXR’s commitment to making fitness not only effective, but also incredibly enjoyable,” said Kelly Cosentino, FitXR’s director of content strategy and programming. “We believe that the magic of Disney, combined with the immersive power of virtual reality, will create a truly unforgettable workout experience for our users.”

From Disney to the Dance Floor

FitXR also scored a hit recently with a Zumba partnership, bringing the high-energy dance workout to the VR Platform starting next month. It’s a match made in the metaverse: FitXR said the Zumba deal resulted from a qualitative survey that showed users were looking for more dance class options, while Zumba received requests for VR product offerings. 

Sam Cole, FitXR co-founder and CEO, commented that partnering with the dance fitness leader is a “game changer” for fitness consumers who experience anxiety over in-person classes or simply don’t have access to a gym or studio.

The Zumba studio will feature 32 classes with various music tracks, and a mixed-reality version is also available, so users can freely move around their space.

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credit: Zumba/FitXR

Although FitXR is for everyone, the platform has shifted its consumer audience from mostly 18-year-old male gamers to a crowd of 35+ fitness enthusiasts, many of whom are female — demographics likely excited to embrace Disney nostalgia and Latin-infused Zumba beats while working up a sweat.

Founded in 2016, Cole and company are eager to show how fun fitness can be to those who may be reluctant or aren’t necessarily interested in a traditional gym membership or in-person group fitness setting.

“It’s a really hard challenge,” Cole told ATN this summer. “But it’s also a really great mission. People in our company, many of whom come from video game backgrounds, get really engaged with this, and they love coming to work, knowing that we’re trying to make the world a better place by giving people more access to fitness and trying to get more people to have a habit around fitness.”

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