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How Fitness Influencer Reneé Noe Built an In-Person Women’s Running Community

How Fitness Influencer Reneé Noe Built an In-Person Women’s Running Community

Noe, a model and fitness influencer, hosts running events in cities across the U.S. through her Noe Bad Vibes Run Club

Model and fitness influencer Reneé Noe began running just four years ago during the pandemic. Inspired by her now-husband, who was training for an ultra-marathon, Noe began running short distances and gradually built up her endurance.

In time, she created the “Noe Bad Vibes Run Club” to meet her large social media following in person and build community. Today, the Noe Bad Vibes Run Club hosts running events for thousands of women all over the United States. 

Noe believes her journey to becoming a runner – and her inclusive approach to the sport – has resonated with the many women who now take part in her group workouts.

“I think that’s why it’s blown up,” Noe tells Athletech News. “There are lots of run clubs in LA, in New York. They’re very strategic on timing, they’re trying to hit a certain pace. Sometimes, if you aren’t hitting this pace, you might be left behind. There’s nothing bad about that. But I just don’t resonate with that. Anyone can come to my run club.”

credit: Reneé Noe/Noe Bad Vibes Run Club

“My friends come and they walk, moms come with their strollers, people come with their dogs,” she adds. “It’s ‘come as you like.’ Some girls are doing a six-minute pace leading the whole thing and I love it. I think it’s great to have all of it.” 

Creating a Thriving Community

Although Noe’s main source of income remains modeling, she has become known in the fitness influencer space, amassing over 300,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 1 million on TikTok.

No Bad Vibes is a private Instagram group, run by Noe’s team who screens requests from bots or men.

“We do this to make sure that it’s a safe place,” she explains. “There are 10-13-year-olds who come. We really focus on protection and safety.” 

Noe chooses the Run Club’s location through her social media followers.

“We initially had a Google form, and we had people fill out where they’re from. We had over 20,000 responses. We usually limit the runs to around 300-400 people. For the last one in Houston, we had 1,200 women on the waitlist.”

From there, the group is split into groups of around 50-60 women and the club staggers the groups a few minutes apart.

“I’m literally going back and forth trying to see everyone, trying to run with everyone and take pictures,” Noe says, noting she usually winds up covering more miles than the rest of the group as a result. “It’s such a fun experience.” 

Must-Have Running Gear

Like most fitness influencers, Noe has a tried-and-true list of favorite products for her running routine.

“My number one favorite is the Garmin Venu 3,” she says. “I love it. It tracks your recovery, sleep and even does cycle tracking. I feel like it’s really accurate.”

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Noe also focuses on including electrolytes and energy gels in her diet. “

I love Waterboy, Redmond Re-Lyte electrolytes and energy gels like Honey Stinger or GU (Energy Labs), particularly on a long run.” 

Noe is also a Hoka and Nike devotee.

“I swear by (Hokas), I love them,” she says. “I think they were made for me, specifically the Mach Series – I run in those daily. Running is all about comfort for me. If I’m uncomfortable, I cannot run.”

“Nike AeroSwift shorts are also my favorite,” she adds. “I have them in 12 colors. I have gotten white ones and dyed them colors that I want to match running fits. I can’t even feel them when I’m running.”

Just the Beginning

Noe Bad Vibes Run Club events usually last around 3-4 hours, including a meet-and-greet at the beginning and the end of each run. The workout takes place in a park or nature trail and runs are usually several miles long. On a warm day, Noe begins the runs at around 8 am, but on cooler days she starts at 10 am.  

Noe hopes her Run Club starts a trend of women having more opportunities to connect in person through fitness and wellness activities.

“It’s so encouraging seeing every single person be so uplifting. I hope this is the start of many more events like this,” she says. “Why can’t we do a Roller Skating Club, where it’s all women who go out every Wednesday night on Venice Beach? Whatever it is, I hope this starts a wave.”

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