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Burn Boot Camp Aims for Rapid Omni-Channel Expansion Over the Next Decade

Burn Boot Camp Aims for Rapid Omni-Channel Expansion Over the Next Decade

The group fitness franchise is eyeing 10,000 global locations as it drives growth with a unique “Franchise Partner First” model

Burn Boot Camp, the rapidly growing group fitness brand, has stayed focused on one idea since the beginning — community. In doing so, the company has propelled itself from working out of a gymnastic studio parking lot to building locations across 42 states and counting. At the core of the brand’s success is its franchising model.

“I love fitness and I love franchising,” exclaimed Burn Boot Camp, Co-Founder Devan Kline. “I think it’s an amazing vehicle to help families reach their goals and dreams by helping their community get fit and healthy.”

Out of the gate, Burn Boot Camp awarded 200 locations in their first 18 months in 2015. 

”We’ve always been focused on having the best AUVs (annual unit volumes) in the boutique fitness industry,” said Kline. “That’s always been the game. For us, it’s not about how big we can get, we are focused on how good we can be.”

Devan Kline (credit: Burn Boot Camp)

But that fast start is just the tip of the iceberg for Burn Boot Camp. The brand maintains ambitious goals for the future, many of which are supported by its forward-thinking franchising model. 

Doing Things The Right Way

“Integrity is one of our 4 core values, and we mean it,” insisted Kline. “Responsible and sustainable franchising has and always will be the goal. We want to build a company that promotes generational health and wealth.” 

“Other companies can grow faster, that’s okay,” Kline added. “I think it’s dangerous to let other companies set our pace of growth so, instead, we make decisions on behalf of our Franchise Partners, their teams, and our members that help them take their lives to the next level.”

A Strong Brand Built on Trust

Burn Boot Camp’s commitment to fostering what its calls a “Franchise Partner First” model is what Kline thinks will help the brand stand alone atop the boutique studio industry. It gives each franchise owner the opportunity to own a physical territory and digital territory. 

“Our goal is to build 10,000 locations and our best chance of doing that is by driving as much revenue to the Franchise Partner as possible,” said Kline. “Our CEO has set a goal of $1M AUVs and we still have much work to do, but I’m certain we will get there.”

“We love our Franchise Partners and we never want to compete with them. Franchisors exist to serve their Franchisees. We are confident that when we continue to focus on unit profitability, that increases trust the most,” noted Kline.

credit: Burn Boot Camp

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“We exist to empower our franchisees,” he added. “They’re our family. They’ve rolled over their 401K’s, sold their house or relocated their family. They’ve jumped off the proverbial entrepreneurial cliff with a parachute that we built and they trust us that it’s going to open when they pull it. We take that responsibility seriously.”

Going Fast & Going Worldwide

The Franchise Partner First model not only helps franchisees prosper, it also helps Burn Boot Camp expand its footprint swiftly. The company wants to reach 10,000 locations by 2033, which inevitably means global expansion. 

“We’ve always wanted to focus on being the best in the United States first and perfect the craft,” said Kline. “Now, we are ready to go.” 

“10,000 is a bold goal, but what the hell are we doing if we aren’t setting bold goals and chasing them down? We are crazy enough to think we can change the world,” Kline added. “You can do anything with the right strategy, people, and timing.. We trust ourselves, we trust our people,  and we trust our process.”

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