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Vitruvian Launches Trainer+ Affiliate Partnership with Hotels & Health Clubs

Vitruvian Launches Trainer+ Affiliate Partnership with Hotels & Health Clubs

The signature Vitruvian Trainer+ uses AI to calibrate the perfect strength-based workout, allowing users to achieve results in half the time

Vitruvian Trainer+, a smart connected strength training machine, is expanding its reach with a new partner program for fitness clubs and hotels and making its mark on the growing wellness tourism sector. 

Last year, the Australia-based Vitruvian raised $15 million in a Series A to accelerate production and expand in the U.S., and included investors Larsen Ventures and Steve Baxter of Australia’s “Shark Tank.”

The program will enable guest-based businesses to offer its members and guests strength training classes with Vitruvian Trainer+, which can load up to 440 lbs of resistance. According to a recent trend report from The American College of Sports Medicine, strength training is becoming an increasingly popular fitness method.

The connected strength training brand has already teamed up with nearly 50 health and fitness clubs to feature its fit technology. Now hotels and health clubs can offer group strength training classes to guests, who will be able to customize their workouts

As an added benefit, hotels and fitness clubs that collaborate with Vitruvian will be afforded the opportunity to join an affiliate partnership to sell the Trainer+ machines to guests at a discount while earning a percentage of the sales. 

The at-home strength and personal training platform, founded in 2020, was named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022.

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The Vitruvian Trainer+ uses AI to read motion 1,000 times per second, responding to users in real time. The trainer is able to then target when to increase or decrease the weight to provide the most efficient workout for the user. 

Unlike other at-home fitness systems, the Vitruvian Trainer+ is free-standing, doesn’t require drilling for installation, and can be easily stored. 

“Strength training can be intimidating and many embark on the journey by themselves,” said Jon Gregory, founder and CEO of Vitruvian. “We take the guesswork out of the equation and enable people to take charge of their health in the most effective and scientific way possible. We’re proud to be a partner with so many progressive gyms to unlock the world of personalized resistance training across the globe.”

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