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Rev’d Indoor Cycling Begins Franchising With Arizona Launch

Rev’d Indoor Cycling Begins Franchising With Arizona Launch

After gaining fans in the Northeast with high-energy cycling classes, the Boston-based Rev’d is looking to expand its footprint through franchising

Rev’d Indoor Cycling, a Boston-based cycling brand with five locations in the city, has just launched its franchising program, presenting aspiring fitness franchisees interested in cycling with a new option.

Katie Peterson, a fitness professional in Tempe, Arizona, has opened the brand’s first franchise location. Rev’d Tempe’s indoor cycling studio offers cycling and fitness sessions seven days a week with a crew of eight trainers.

“I fell in love with the Rev’d business model from day one,” Peterson said. “As a female entrepreneur and fitness lover, it was important for me to align myself with a brand that I would not only be proud to represent and own, but also one that would empower those around me.”

Inclusive & Tech-Forward

Priding itself on its vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, and suitable for all fitness levels, the indoor cycling brand provides a 45-minute challenge guided by music. 

Cycling sessions in Rev’ds Copley and Foxboro studios have an immersive feel, featuring visuals on a 25-foot video wall that syncs with the instructor and music. The screen can also play videos and display websites, QR codes to social platforms and more. The first franchise location in Tempe will soon have the video wall installed.

credit: Rev’d Indoor Cycling

Further differentiating its fitness offerings from competitors, Rev’d offers “Rev’d Ride 45: En Español”, a series of sessions coached in Spanish by trainers Ariel and Namir.

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The fitness franchise also offers Rev’d Bootcamp at some locations, a 55-minute high-intensity group training program that develops strength, speed, power, balance and agility. In addition to its fitness offerings, the cycling franchise also features a branded merchandise shop on its site.

Meaghan St Marc, founder and CEO of Rev’d, commented that the brand is ecstatic to see its movement grow across the country.

“Our team is committed to inspiring a mindful shift in all to pursue one’s greatest potential,” said St Marc, who is also a Rev’d trainer. “Every workout gives every individual an opportunity to discover their own personal capabilities. Rev’d believes in providing a space for all shapes and sizes, enabling people to become the best version of themselves. We look forward to opening additional locations across the U.S.”

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