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Pulse Performance Announces Franchise Opportunity & Seeks to Open 15 Locations by End of 2022

Pulse Performance Announces Franchise Opportunity & Seeks to Open 15 Locations by End of 2022

The boutique fitness brand focuses on tech-enhanced workouts like Electric Muscle Stimulation

Pulse Performance, a boutique fitness experience that offers tech-enhanced exercises, has announced a national franchising opportunity and is seeking multi-unit franchise partners in Florida and Texas. The fitness company has a goal to open 15 locations by the end of the year.

The boutique fitness brand currently has a location in Austin and another launching soon in San Antonio.

Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Pulse says this FDA-approved method helps fitness enthusiasts reach body and fitness goals quickly, as well as improves blood circulation, inflammation, and muscle recovery

One 20-minute session a week will achieve the same results of a two-hour weight training program, says Pulse Performance. Users wear a special suit that contains electrodes as they work with a specialist.

The global electronic muscle stimulator market is expected to expand, with diseases such as cancer and arthritis anticipated to be growth drivers. 

Aside from EMS, Pulse also offers Infrared Fat Loss, EMS Sculpt, and Vibration Plates. These methods, Pulse says, targets all the layers of muscles at once to build and restore lean muscle mass.

“Pulse Performance is disrupting the fitness and wellness space. We believe in providing the opportunity for people to get fit on their own terms,” says Pulse Performance Founder and Chief Energy Officer JD Busch, who founded the company in 2021.

“It is our mission to empower our clients through providing customizable programs that drive results, allowing Americans to follow their path to success and leave their mark,” Busch continues.

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The Pulse Performance founder was involved in an accident in 2020 and it led Busch to researching rehabilitation and training before discovering EMS. Busch found that EMS aided in his recovery and helped reduce pain, and finds that it provides a workout for everyone.

“EMS offers various benefits and features, helping to rebuild strength without strain and work underused muscle groups, appealing to an array of people. This opens the door for those who can’t do traditional workouts as weights are strenuous, especially appealing to people who are feeling the impact of aging or recovering from injury,” says Busch.

Regarding the franchising opportunity, Pulse Performance says the initial investment for a studio ranges between $300,000 to $350,000.

Featured image from the website of the City of Austin, Texas (ATX). Pictured is the William Cannon Drive Corridor in ATX. Pulse Performance is located in ATX at Arbor Trails 4301 W. William Cannon Drive Suite B126.

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