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Product of the Week: The Toe Spacer Ultimate Recovery Kit

Product of the Week: The Toe Spacer Ultimate Recovery Kit

The Toe Spacer Ultimate Recovery Kit is a fantastic toolkit for generally neglected feet that will relieve pressure and improve foot health

Stretching has never been trendier, with stretching studios, yoga and recovery more popular than ever. But what about the long-neglected feet? The Toe Spacer is here to bring attention to foot health. 

The foot has 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. As the foundation of most movement, the feet need more attention than most people give them. Toe Spacer’s Ultimate Recovery Kit is built around foot health. It consists of the 4-Loop Toe Spacer, the Rock Mat and the EI8HTBALL. 

The 4-Loop Toe Spacer

The Toe Spacer comes in a small box, around the length of a cell phone. Made of soft silicone, it felt durable but comfortable. Toe spacers do exactly that—allow your toes to spread out. Many shoes have shapes that cram the toes, impacting gait, balance, stability and performance. The toe spacer spreads the toes out to counteract that impact. 

I began using the products for 10 minutes a day and gradually increased the time as I got more used to them. As a runner, I have built up tension in my foot that I had grown accustomed to due to my training. However, even after just a few weeks of using the toe spacers, not only did my feet feel better, but I also felt my ankles and surrounding muscles feel looser. The Toe Spacer seemed like a product I hadn’t been aware that I needed. 

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Another benefit of the Toe Spacer is that its price is reasonable compared to competitors. For example, Correct Toes is $65 per pair, while the Toe Spacer is only $20 on its own and less in the Ultimate Recovery Kit. Because it’s a 4-Loop spacer, it lacks the pinky loop. The pinky toe can move more freely, which allows for more adjustments while your foot is in a shoe. However, for someone with a misaligned pinky toe or general discomfort, the 5-Loop Toe Spacer might be preferred, because it’s designed more for activities like lateral movements, running, walking, or high-intensity workouts. Because I did not need the stability during high-intensity workouts, I was happy to use the 4-Loop version during slower-paced movements or while sitting at my desk. The product is flexible enough that you can still walk around and do household activities or slower-pacing workouts while wearing them. 

Overall, the 4-Loop Toe Spacer is a fantastic product. Although it takes a little bit of time to get used to the sensation of the spacer, I noticed less foot tightness and strain, even during a rigorous running schedule. 

The Rock Mat 

At first glance, the Rock Mat looks uncomfortable and slightly intimidating. However, I was surprised by how much relief I felt upon my first step on the Rock Mat. The placement and shape of the “rocks” (foam mounds) were such that they provided enough pressure (but not too much) on one’s feet to loosen up tension. I began by standing on the mat for around 10 minutes a day and gradually increased the amount over time. The mat provided the most release in my arches, which felt looser even after such little time standing on it. The Rock Mat would be ideal for those using standing desks at home, or those who would use it during stretching. You can also use it in tandem with the Toe Spacers, as they could work together complementarily. 

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The one downside of the Rock Mat was its size—it’s fairly small, which means that it really is best for standing activities. If you prefer walking on the mat or doing exercises like yoga on it, its size would make that difficult unless you were fine moving it around frequently.


The EI8HTBALL provided an effective and relieving massage, but of the three tools, it felt the most replaceable by alternatives, like a massage gun or other foot roller massage balls. The one major differentiator of the EI8HTBALL was its shape. The ridges on the ball allow for one to apply more pressure to the sides of one’s feet. Its price is also appealing compared to alternatives, at $22.95 on its own and less in the bundle of the Ultimate Recovery Kit. It is also firmer than some alternatives, which allows for a deeper stretch. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Ultimate Recovery Kit might be the foot health kit you never knew you needed. With just a little bit of time using the products per day, your feet could feel looser, more balanced and less tight. 

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