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Product of the Week: Is Pro Oxygen KT Tape Better Than Old-School Alternatives?

Product of the Week: Is Pro Oxygen KT Tape Better Than Old-School Alternatives?

Pro Oxygen KT Tape is a high-quality, durable kinesiology tape made with infrared mineral powder to enhance cellular oxygenation

Kinesiology tape is a mainstay in the world of sports injuries, but KT Pro Oxygen Tape is a new twist on the old classic. The tape claims to deliver more oxygen to cells with Celliant infrared mineral powder to enhance cellular oxygenation in the taped area.

Celliant is a patented blend that transforms body heat to full-spectrum infrared energy to improve oxygenation. The FDA did conclude in 2017 that Celliant counts as a medical device as it “temporarily promotes increased blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals.” But is the tape really different from the alternatives? Athletech News put KT Tape to the test. 


The Pro Oxygen KT Tape’s biggest differentiator is its quality. Compared to other kinesiology tapes on the market, the tape is thicker and long-lasting. The straps are water and sweat-resistant—ideal for intense athletes. Its synthetic materials felt simultaneously like they had more flexibility but also more durability than competitive offerings. 

The tape strips are pre-cut for immediate use and have rounded corners to prevent fraying and snagging. Each roll comes with 20 pre-cut strips, each measuring 10 inches in length and 2 inches in width. Its packaging also has a stretch pattern labeled with common injuries, which I found helpful for application. The website also comes with instructions that are easy to follow. 

Unlike some tapes, the stickiness generally did not leave residue on my skin. If you misapply it, that strip will likely be rendered unusable due to this stickiness, however. 

credit: KT Tape


Although the pre-cut strips have many positive qualities, I ended up cutting the long strips when I needed less. Although the tape remained fairly durable, there was a small amount of snagging and fraying after a long wear on the cut pieces. 

Another downside of the tape is its price. For those with injuries, it’s easy to go through the tape quickly. Although the tape can last days, for those who prefer to remove the tape before showers or even every other day, that durability might not be worth the extra price. 

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Lastly, I did not feel a huge difference in terms of its “oxygenation” claims. Because I only tested it for several weeks, it may take longer to be noticeable. It was difficult to tell if the pain reduction that I experienced was due to the tape generally or if it was enhanced by the mineral powder. The tape worked better than many competitors, but that could have been due to the durability and thickness of the tape rather than the powder. The heat generated beneath the tape could have just been due to the skin coverage. 


Even if the tape’s “oxygenation” claims were not readily evident, it was one of the better kinesiology tapes I have ever used in terms of its quality. Although the product is pricier, it was noticeably higher quality than many alternatives in the market.

If you have a short-term injury for which you need a high-quality tape that lasts several days, Pro Oxygen KT Tape is a great option. 

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