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Product of the Week: Kira Stokes’ KSFit App Offers Bang for Your Buck

Product of the Week: Kira Stokes’ KSFit App Offers Bang for Your Buck

Stokes’ products and app are beautifully designed and infused with contagious energy. How do they fare in a saturated fitness app market?

A trainer based in New York City with 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, Kira Stokes started “The Stoked Method,” a science-backed training system dedicated to proper form in functional fitness.

With over half a million followers on Instagram, Stokes has built a dedicated community. Her KSFit app offers new workouts every two weeks, many of which use Stokes’ proprietary workout equipment. Her “Stoked Method” is focused on a diverse range of workouts, from the “Stoked Shred” Series to the “Stoked Strength” series, among others.

Athletech News put KSFit and its accompanying products to the test to see how they fare in a sea of fitness app competitors. 


Kira Stokes has a contagious energy that is infused into each of her workouts. Her attention to detail with form and programming is evident, even in her shortest workouts. She demonstrates how to do each workout and points out common form mistakes and how to correct them. At 49 years old, Stokes is also inspiring to users of all ages. 

Her products are all beautifully designed, many in a seafoam green color that was inspired by her love of water. Each product is high-quality and built to last, even the workout bands, which can withstand months of frequent use without breaking or stretching out. Although many include her branding, her logo designs are subtle and aesthetically pleasing.

credit: Kira Stokes/KSFit

The Stoked Step has a great non-slip surface that minimizes the risk of slips and falls. It’s lightweight but sturdy and perfect for adding improving cardio, stability, and strength. The Stoked Ab Wheel has cushioned handles for comfort and rapidly builds core strength through challenging workouts. 

The app is $14.99/month and offers a 7-day free trial. At a price that won’t break the bank, users can easily integrate the offering into their existing routines. KSFit also offers Challenges and Programs, like the “21 Day Stoked Ab Challenge” and the “Stoked in 7” Program that encourage accountability and commitment. The programs and challenges come in a variety of levels and class lengths, so users can easily customize their experience according to their goals and needs. 


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For those who want workouts with a variety of trainers, the app might not be the best fit, as most feature Stokes exclusively. It also lacks a live workout feature on the app, although Stokes does host Zoom workouts and discussions for some of her members. The app also does not sync with wearables like the Apple Watch, Whoop, or Oura Ring for those who want to see their heart rate during workouts. Lastly, the KSFit app mainly has shorter workouts, under forty-five minutes, although there is a selection of longer workouts to choose from. Still, those looking primarily for longer workouts might want to look elsewhere. 

On the app, users can filter by some workout equipment, including the Stoked Bands, Core Ball, Sliders, and Jump Rope. While a helpful feature, one downside is that it does not include all the proprietary equipment, so if users specifically want to find a workout with one not listed, it might be more difficult. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, for those looking for high-energy functional workouts that focus on form, KSFit and its accompanying products are a great option. The app is reasonably priced and bound to inspire its users with Stokes’ contagious energy and commitment to her craft. 

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