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Product of the Week: Elastique Brings French Tradition to Activewear

Product of the Week: Elastique Brings French Tradition to Activewear

Elastique activewear artfully lies at the intersection of apparel and skincare. But does it deliver on its purported benefits?

Elastique was founded in 2016 by Emeline Kuhner-Stout, who saw the potential in developing products at the intersection of activewear and skincare.

Kuhner-Stout had grown up in France and moved to Houston as a new mother; the brand takes inspiration from the Vodder Method of manual lymphatic drainage, which was created in France in the early 1900s. The lymphatic system includes vessels, collecting ducts, tissues and organs that drain excess lymph fluid that leaks into tissues from tiny blood vessels. A lymphatic draining massage can help move trapped fluid, which is particularly prevalent for those who’ve had a mastectomy, have rheumatoid arthritis or chronic venous insufficiency.

Elastique’s leggings feature a compression range of 8-13 mmHg, and source fabric from a top compression mill in France. But do Elastique’s activewear products really deliver on the skincare benefits they promise?

Athletech News put Elastique’s MicroPerle (patented mini-massage material) and Lisse Compression collections to the test. 


Elastique activewear is beautifully designed, coming in flattering silhouettes. Available in a variety of colors, many are earth tones or have subtle pops of color. While both were tight, once on, the tops and leggings felt comfortable and energizing due to their compressive nature. 

For the MicroPerle line, the beads are placed throughout the activewear for lymphatic-system stimulation. After removing the activewear, the small indentations on my skin were prominent but disappeared quickly, and I did notice improved circulation due to the compressive technology. As the technology is gradient, the leggings were tighter around the ankles and looser up the leg to encourage blood flow.

MicroPerle (credit: Elastique)

For the Lisse line, I also noticed improved circulation, but it didn’t feel overly restrictive during workouts. While it might be too compressive for long runs, it worked well for HIIT and low-impact workouts. Lisse would also be great for long flights, particularly for those whose injuries become aggravated during travel.

Generally, both collections were useful for post-workout recovery, as I felt reduced muscle soreness after wearing the top and leggings. 

Lisse Compression (credit: Elastique)


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The apparel is very tight, more so than many other compressive brands. Even in my proper size, it took me a little bit of time to put on the leggings. Once on, it also took some time to get accustomed to the feeling of the MicroPerle beads pressing against my skin.

Although I got accustomed to the feeling after a few wears, some might struggle getting used to the sensation of the beads against their skin during a workout. I also didn’t notice any reduced swelling or any changes in my skin texture due to the apparel. Lastly, although it didn’t bother me, the beads are also noticeable through the leggings if someone is looking closely. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, while I didn’t notice any difference in skin texture or reduced swelling from wearing either Elastique line, I was impressed by the quality of the brand’s fabrics and their beautiful designs. If you’re looking for a way to improve circulation with intense compression for your low-impact workouts, consider Elastique

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Correction: A previous version of this article misidentified the founding team at Elastique. The brand was founded by Emeline Kuhner-Stout.

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