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Peloton Inks Wide-Ranging Partnership With YMCA of Chicago

Peloton Inks Wide-Ranging Partnership With YMCA of Chicago

Peloton and the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago have partnered to enhance community health and wellness, expand member and community access to programs, and close racial health and opportunity gaps.

At select locations, members of the YMCA of Metro Chicago can now access Peloton’s programs, equipment, instruction and coaching. In addition to specialized spaces at the Lake View YMCA, designed for Y members to sample free workouts on the Peloton app, four YMCA of Metro Chicago facilities have been provided with 12 Peloton bikes in specially designed and co-branded spaces. 

The Fry Family YMCA, the McCormick YMCA, the Sage YMCA and the South Side YMCA were all chosen as pilot locations.

“We are thrilled to partner with the YMCA of Metro Chicago to help continue our efforts of increasing accessibility to fitness and meeting you at every stage of your fitness journey,” said Greg Hybl, senior vice president and general manager of commercial and corporate wellness at Peloton. “Peloton and the YMCA share a mission to help people live their healthiest and happiest lives, building active, supportive communities that empower and bring out the best in our members through efficient, impactful, entertaining and community-driven workout experiences that meet their needs.”

On Saturday, Aug. 19, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the McCormick YMCA will host a special Adult Day Camp opening celebration to commemorate the collaboration. Fitness and day camp activities, nutritious snacks, special guest appearances, a health and wellness panel discussion and other activities will be available at the upcoming event. 

“Through this partnership and the upcoming launch event, we’re going to demonstrate that world-class health and well-being opportunities can truly be, in the words of Peloton, ‘for anyone, anywhere,'” said Dorri McWhorter, president and CEO of the YMCA of Metro Chicago.

Peloton’s Mission To Reach More Consumers

Aside from Peloton transitioning its brand from hardware-focused to content-driven, the connected fitness company appears to be on a mission to democratize fitness with its latest YMCA partnership and the recent introduction of a free subscription tier in its app.

credit: Peloton

The pivot that has occurred under Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy is a far contrast from the brand’s strategy under co-founder John Foley, when Peloton was catering to wealthy fitness enthusiasts, with its signature bike becoming a status symbol of a health-focused lifestyle.

Under McCarthy’s leadership, Peloton didn’t dive headfirst into the ocean of middle-class consumers, but instead spent its time experimenting with its approach. 

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Last spring, Peloton updated its pricing to reduce barriers to entry after piloting a new pricing model and gave out $300 discount codes for Peloton owners to share with friends. The brand has also pushed into the tourism industry, partnering with Hilton Hotels to showcase its bikes for travelers, and even retail, with Dick’s Sporting Goods. Peloton then rolled out a refurbished bike program in another move to attract a broader base of consumers while offering a cost-effective solution. 

credit: Peloton

Most recently, the connected fitness company reduced the price of its treadmill and rower machines.

As Peloton relies on the magic of its content and targeting younger fitness consumers, McCarthy predicts Peloton will soon enjoy the fruits of its labor. At a conference in May, McCarthy told J.P. Morgan’s Doug Anmuth that the pair would be discussing the company’s successes in commercial business and international growth in the near future.

Peloton’s next earnings call is scheduled for Aug. 23. 

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