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Oura Now Helps Users Understand & Manage Stress

Oura Now Helps Users Understand & Manage Stress

The smart ring maker has also partnered with Headspace and Thrive Global, giving users access to meditation and wellness content

Oura is making waves with the announcement of three new features – Daytime Stress, Reflections and Resilience, all of which are designed to help users understand and manage stress.

According to the American Psychological Association, 77% of people experience stress that impacts their physical health. This stress can lead to various health concerns, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, anxiety, and depression.

Oura’s Daytime Stress feature provides real-time stress monitoring. By continuously measuring biometrics such as heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and temperature, this feature identifies stress triggers throughout the day. With readings taken every 15 minutes, users gain insights into the experiences that contribute to their daily stress levels and those that aid in recovery. 

Oura has also introduced Reflections, an AI-powered journal function within the Oura App that allows users to record short journal entries by speaking. It employs speech recognition to transcribe text and AI-powered auto-tagging to provide context to users’ data. Stress Resilience, set to roll out in the winter, adds another dimension to Oura’s stress management toolbox, assessing a user’s ability to withstand physiological stress by tracking daytime stress load, daytime recovery and recovery during sleep. 

“Tackling stress as a foundational part of health is a natural evolution for us,” said Holly Shelton, chief product officer at Oura. “Being human is inherently stressful. We all experience stress and it’s often depicted as something we need to eliminate and avoid at all costs. When understood and managed well, stress can be your ally in boosting productivity, flexing your creativity, and building resilience. That’s the power we’re helping our members harness with our new stress offerings.”

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To further support users in their quest for well-being, Oura has partnered with Headspace and Thrive Global. Oura members can access stress-focused Headspace content, including meditations, guided breathwork and muscle relaxation exercises, through the Oura App’s Explore section and Daytime Stress feature. Thrive Global, meanwhile, will offer sleep and stress management challenges that integrate Oura data, encouraging the development of healthy, sustainable habits. 

Oura also introduced a new Brushed Titanium colorway. The new design has a matte surface with a velvet-like appearance, with an exterior that reflects light from various angles. Brushed Titanium also uses the same materials as the surgical and aerospace industries and is thus durable and resistant to daily wear and tear.

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