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LA GOLF Is Revolutionizing Golf Equipment With New Tech

LA GOLF Is Revolutionizing Golf Equipment With New Tech

Founded by Reed Dickens, the former CEO of Marucci Sports, LA GOLF has already collaborated with ambassadors like Dustin Johnson and Bryson Dechambeau

Golf equipment has seen remarkable developments over the past few years, but only through a select few major companies dominating the market. LA GOLF is here to change all of that.

The company’s proprietary technology is designed to meet the needs of professional players and is already outperforming other brands. Their products aim to be the best in the business, and the brand is only just getting started. Founded by Reed Dickens, former CEO of Marucci Sports, LA GOLF is at the forefront of modern sports equipment. Dickens plans to use the same techniques he did while leading Marucci Sports to unseat cult favorite baseball bats from Louisville Slugger and Easton when creating unbeatable golf equipment.

So far, these plans have been progressing well. LA GOLF takes a player-forward approach to designing equipment, paying attention to what players need and creating it with precision. Within the last few years, LA GOLF has debuted the most technologically advanced putter in the game with the largest sweet spot possible. With input from ambassadors Dustin Johnson and Bryson Dechambeau, LA GOLF’s innovations are unstoppable.

Aside from the Bel-Air and Malibu lines of putters, LA GOLF has branched out into designing balls and shafts that can outperform all others. Their player partners have direct input into these designs and specifically help create the stiffest and most stable shafts in the business.

credit: LA GOLF

Having professional players at the table is an extremely important part of LA GOLF’s design process. The company ensures that its equipment will meet player needs by engaging with real players and sitting down with their ambassadors during the brainstorming and production process. Creating their proprietary designs would not have been possible without insights from these real golfers. 

The latest triumph this collaborative environment has inspired is the LA GOLF ball.

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This “longest ball” has outperformed every other in the game with a carry distance of 272.9 yards, a significant advantage over other major golf ball brands. Its proprietary construction consists of four layers that work in perfect synchronicity, increasing its balance and longevity. The ball can travel over an increased distance due to the lower spin of the driver, which delivers more time in the air. These durable balls have proven to be the best premium golf balls for distance on the market.

In such a competitive industry, LA GOLF stands out for its commitment to listening to player needs and meeting them by investing in advanced technology.

To become an established brand, LA GOLF’s team has had to think outside the box and invent new solutions to common player issues. This innovative thinking has pushed the boundaries of what golf equipment can achieve. Within the next few years, LA GOLF intends to rise to prominence in the golf community through its exceptional products, which are handmade in California. The brand aspires to be the go-to business for professional players to get their equipment.

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