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iFIT Interactive Workout Series ‘Everest: A Trek to Base Camp’ Nominated for 2022 Sports Emmy Award

iFIT Interactive Workout Series ‘Everest: A Trek to Base Camp’ Nominated for 2022 Sports Emmy Award

iFIT’s nomination is the first of its kind for connected fitness

The National Academy of Television Arts & Science has nominated iFIT, a global fitness and technology company, for a Sports Emmy for “Everest: A Trek to Base Camp” series. It is the first time a connected fitness platform has received recognition for its programming.

iFIT’s “Everest: A Trek to Base Camp” has been nominated for an Emmy in the category of “Outstanding Interactive Experience— Original Programming,” which recognizes “original interactive sports content, multimedia storytelling, as well as significant and innovative social integration.”

A promo video of the series can be found here. The footage shows the gorgeous landscape of Everest, prayer flags, and suspension bridges – all leading to Everest base camp at 17,500 feet above sea level.

The 18-part workout series premiered in May 2021 and was created for all skill levels. The series features expert alpinist Kenton Cool, who has summited Everest 15 times, mountaineer Lydia Bradey, the first woman to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen, and Ang Tshering Lama, an adventure expert who has summited Everest three times. Lama was also part of a life-saving rescue mission in 2017. 


While “Everest: A Trek to Base Camp” provides a great workout, it also highlights Nepal’s history and culture as it captivates the user. iFIT developed an immersive experience in which its technology would adjust the treadmill incline to match that in the content, providing fitness enthusiasts with a realistic experience of hiking to Everest Base Camp.

“We are deeply honored by this nomination because it represents a significant commendation of iFIT’s unique approach to connected fitness,” says Mark Watterson, President and Chief Experience Officer. 

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“The interactivity among our software, content and fitness equipment provides an unmatched, immersive experience, and elevates the thousands of workout series we have shot on location all over the world, including Mt. Everest. Our members appreciate the cultural journeys iFIT workouts offer, and we are equally thrilled to be recognized by our peers in television and video production for excellence.”

The Utah-based fitness and subscription tech company includes brands NordicTrack, ProForm, Sweat, Freemotion, Weider, and 29029, a “premier wellness tourism event and community” that represents the 29,029 feet it takes to summit Mount Everest.

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