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Gympass Embraces Sleep as Pillar of Corporate Wellness

Gympass Embraces Sleep as Pillar of Corporate Wellness

The corporate wellness giant partnered with Rise Science and SleepScore to help employees optimize their time based on circadian rhythms

With a vast network of 50,000-plus gyms, studios, classes, personal trainers, and wellness coaches, Gympass isn’t neglecting the importance of sleep. The leading corporate wellness provider is emphasizing the sleep-health connection, expanding its sleep category with new sleep monitoring apps, Rise Science and SleepScore.

The move comes in conjunction with World Sleep Day on March 15, with Gympass subscribers on the Starter Plan and above able to access the new sleep-supporting apps. 

Sleep Emerges as Key Wellness Trend

In a society that rewards hustle culture, obtaining adequate sleep has become a rare luxury. The CDC points out that a third of U.S. adults get less than the recommended amount of sleep. The impact of poor sleep hygiene can have devastating effects beyond circles under the eyes, with lack of sleep linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even depression.

As Gympass research has found, 98% of employees worldwide say sleep is crucial for their well-being, and 60% say work stress negatively impacts their sleep. Gympass has been steadily focused on all aspects of wellness, partnering with Headspace, Sleep Cycle, Meditopia and Calm. 

Rise Science, a sleep and energy tracker created by a team of sleep experts, informs Gympass users of the ideal time to carry out their tasks based on their circadian rhythms — when to exercise, have their last cup of coffee or get ready for bed. Based on sleep science, the approach is meant to make users feel well-rested.

SleepScore leverages cognitive behavioral science and sleep and circadian hygiene to analyze user data, resulting in a personalized sleep improvement program based on lifestyle and needs. The program is supported by two independent studies and uses a smartphone’s microphone and speaker capabilities to track and measure breathing rate and body movement.

credit: Gympass

Next month, Gympass users can use SleepScore to track their sleep improvement over time with a graphical representation.

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“Sleep is essential for holistic wellbeing,” said Gympass co-founder and CEO Cesar Carvalho. “By providing employees with the tools they need to improve their sleep, Gympass is helping companies invest in their most valuable asset: their people.”

Corporate Wellness Booms

As employee wellness continues to become a hot topic and an increasingly non-negotiable offering from modern employers looking to attract and retain top talent, Gympass is soaring. The corporate wellness platform hit a $2.4 billion valuation after an $85 million funding round and signed on with Apple Fitness+.

Gympass topped 2.6 million subscribers in January, with over 400 million cumulative employee check-ins across its partner network. The corporate wellness platform has attracted top companies such as Amazon and Aflac for its ability to encourage employees to become active and engaged, resulting in reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism rates. 

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