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FitBit Launches Gamified Fitness Watch for Kids

FitBit Launches Gamified Fitness Watch for Kids

The new Fitbit Ace LTE provides parental control while encouraging young users to be active with rewards

Fitbit, a wearable tech company that burst onto the scene in 2009 with a clip-on accelerometer gadget to track movement and calories, has now presented the ultimate solution for parents and caregivers: a connected smartwatch for kids ages 7-plus that promotes physical activity while keeping them connected to their families.

Set to compete with Garmin’s Bounce and vivofit Jr. 3, Fitbit’s latest product —Fitbit Ace LTE, $229.95 — motivates young users to move by unlocking additional time to play its immersive and interactive 3D games, which are updated monthly to keep things interesting. The more physical activity a child does, the more time they receive.

Kid-Friendly Features

The wearable fitness pioneer says all movement is recognized by a Google Research team’s new movement algorithm geared for kids — from hide-and-seek to a “sibling dance-off,” and kids are celebrated for hitting their daily movement goals.

In a feature that is sure to be a hit with kids, Fitbit Ace LTE rewards young users for reaching movement goals with the opportunity to outfit and accessorize ‘Eejies’ (customizable creature characters) or decorate their home in Bit Valley. 

credit: FitBit

In a couple of months, Fitbit says it will add a Tap to Pay option for young users. 

Fitbit says it worked with a team of experts in child psychology, public health, privacy and digital well-being to design Fitbit Ace LTE. Aware that technology can pose certain concerns for parents and guardians, Fitbit says that it was mindful to ensure that only parents are privy to a child’s location or activity data, and location data is deleted after 24 hours. The Fitbit Ace LTE also doesn’t have any ads or third-party apps, and only contacts added by a parent can be called or messaged. 

Rounding out Ace LTE fitness wearables are six bands (sold separately) with built-in technology that each offer unique features like new characters, items or lands to explore.

Fitbit Ace LTE will be available at the Google Store and Amazon beginning June 5. The fitness wearable is available for pre-order now. 

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In 2024, Wearables Are Everywhere

When considering the greater landscape, introducing tech-savvy Gen Alpha to fitness-focused wearable tech seems like a natural progression. It could also help promote health and well-being while addressing alarming statistics from the World Obesity Federation, which projects nearly 25% of U.S. children will be considered obese by 2030.

Wearable technology has advanced health and wellness efforts in several ways — and the enthusiasm is there. Garmin, a leading player in the space, reported a significant revenue increase in its fitness segment. Whoop, maker of a low-profile brand that monitors sleep, stress, strain and more, just signed soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo as an ambassador and investor as it prepares to enter the Middle East market.

Thanks to brands like Oura, health-focused smart rings have become a fixture, with Samsung set to join in with its long-awaited Galaxy Ring. Predicted to hit the market this summer, the Galaxy Ring is believed to feature an ECG sensor, monitor sleep quality and other health metrics, and possibly include a cognitive test.

Even the NBA is using wearable technology to study player health while continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are set to become the next big thing in wearables.

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