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How To Recession-Proof Your Fitness Coaching Practice

How To Recession-Proof Your Fitness Coaching Practice

None of us are immune to the economic climate, so it’s essential that fitness coaches take a proactive approach to building a resilient practice

In today’s ever-evolving economic landscape, fitness coaching professionals, particularly in the United States, must be proactive and prepared for downturns. One such downturn is the dreaded recession. We’ve been anticipating and expecting an official recession in the U.S. for some time now, and this got us thinking, “What should coaches do to make it through this challenging economic time?”

This is an important question to consider, as the actions you take here will transcend just a recession and make your coaching practice more resilient moving into the future.

Let’s dive into some things to consider to recession-proof your coaching practice.

Be a Professional

How can you fortify your coaching practice against the impact of a recession? Firstly, by being a true professional. A professional is defined as someone who commits full-time to their craft, while also earning a living from it. In the world of fitness coaching, being a professional goes beyond qualifications.

A professional fitness coach isn’t just someone who knows the ropes; they deliver consistent, individual value to their clients. They advance the profession forward by mentoring other coaches and fostering client autonomy. Solidifying your professional stance involves:

  • Know Your Why: Understand your Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values and Principles (PVMVP). Why do you do what you do? Where do you want to be? What do you believe? How well do you deliver?
  • Prioritizing Success: Drawing from Maslow’s Hierarchy, prioritize basic needs first. There is no need to worry about how you are going to grow your business to $30,000 a month if you are barely scraping by. Understand what success means to you, and more importantly, understand what is needed to build a foundation to reach that success.
  • Embracing Reality: Know your metrics. Client numbers, average price points, expenses and profit all tell a story. Know these realities and have a plan to grow.
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Always Deliver Value

A professional’s value proposition goes beyond their ability to design a sexy training program. Consider your unique value. Do you recall the first time you genuinely believed in a product or service? Personal anecdotes and genuine belief in what you’re offering can shift your selling from a transactional exchange to a transformative experience. The value you provide must resonate with what your clients deem valuable. Remember, perceived value is an interplay between what you offer and how clients perceive it.

Take Care of Your Clients

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Let’s face it, there are plenty of coaches, commercial gyms, boutique studios and micro gyms your clients could choose from over you. When you get a client, you have to continue to deliver an outstanding service and build great relationships to keep them. Build your foundation by building your coaching systems.

  • Self-Systematization: Have set times for designing programs, consulting, business development and resting.
  • Client Care: Regular check-ins, consistent program designs, timely feedback, and swift response times go a long way.
  • Overdeliver: Always aim to provide more than what’s expected.
  • Referral Integration: Encourage clients to spread the word. Whether it’s through service agreements, direct conversations, email campaigns, or customer satisfaction surveys, always be open to receiving and requesting referrals.

Navigating through an uncertain economic climate requires more than just anticipation; it demands preparation, resilience and adaptability. For coaches, a recession doesn’t mean it’s time to panic and pause but an opportunity for refinement and growth. As a coach, embracing these practices not only protects you during downturns but builds another level of resilience in your coaching practice.

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Carl Hardwick, CEO of OPEX Fitness & CoachRx, is a strong advocate for bringing honor to the coaching profession and raising the value of all fitness coaches. He lectures frequently about program design, business systems, and building a sustainable coaching career. Follow him on Instagram @hardwickcarl and OPEX Fitness on YouTube

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