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Aviron Embraces ‘Fitness Entertainment’ With Affordable Connected Rower

Aviron Embraces ‘Fitness Entertainment’ With Affordable Connected Rower

Aviron is making big moves in the connected rowing market with the launch of its new lower-cost rower and a retail expansion

Aviron is making waves with the introduction of its newest connected rowing model: the lower-priced Aviron StrongGo, along with a retail expansion into Amazon, Best Buy and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

With a growing community of over 50,000 active profiles, Aviron offers a variety of original content in the connected fitness space. Members can customize their rowing experience with live competitions, multiplayer and solo games, scenic rowing, instructor-led classes, guided interval training and more. Its interactive screen, which displays high-quality visuals and gaming psychology, fosters consumer engagement. Founded in 2018, Aviron, is a Y-Combinator company and boasts backing from entities including Stripes and Samsung Next, and the co-founder of Oculus.

With a starting price of $1,199, Aviron says the new StrongGo is the most affordable connected rower on the market.

“Aviron’s mission is clear: bring fitness entertainment to people worldwide. Over the past year, we’ve made significant strides by lowering the price point of our rowers,” said Andy Hoang, Aviron’s Founder and CEO. “We firmly believe that fitness should be both enjoyable and accessible, and the StrongGo is an exciting milestone that speaks directly to our guiding principles.”

credit: Aviron

Aviron is committed to optimizing fitness entertainment. The StrongGo is equipped with an auto-adjusting tablet holder for seamless integration with iOS devices, Bluetooth connectivity, and resistance buttons. The rower is also committed to inclusivity, boasting an accessible seat and a frame height that caters to users of all fitness levels, as well as patented foot width adjustments. 

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“By lowering the barrier to entry, we propel more people to embark on a life-changing fitness journey,” Hoang said. “By creating fun and immersive content, we continue to carve the fitness entertainment category, creating community and deeply engaging our members along the way.”

In addition to the direct-to-consumer launch, Aviron has expanded its product reach through three new online retail partners: Amazon, Best Buy and Dick’s Sporting Goods. This strategic move not only increases brand visibility but also enhances accessibility to Aviron’s fitness solutions.

As connected fitness navigates changing tides post-pandemic, Aviron has reported a 50% year-over-year increase in top-line revenue in the first half of the 2023 fiscal year. It also continues to grow headcount. The launch of StrongGo and the brand’s retail expansion show that the brand could just be getting started. 

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