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Alloy Personal Training Embraces Telehealth To Grow Franchise Biz

Alloy Personal Training Embraces Telehealth To Grow Franchise Biz

Through a strategic alliance with Marek Health, Alloy will offer its clients personalized training combined with a suite of telehealth services

Personal training franchise Alloy Personal Training has announced a new partnership with telehealth platform Marek Health to offer an integrated wellness package that combines fitness training and telehealth services. This collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive approach to health and fitness, aligning with Alloy’s mission to deliver holistic wellness solutions.

Rick Mayo, CEO and founder of Alloy, developed his concept in 1992 when he opened Alloy Personal Training Center in the Atlanta area. After growing the brand to thousands of locations via licensing, Mayo launched Alloy Personal Training as a brick-and-mortar franchise in 2019. Currently, there are 205 locations sold and 35 locations open.

“We have 105 locations currently in process, meaning they are somewhere between signing and opening, Mayo says. “Our budget for next year is another 200 locations sold and 140 open by the end of 2024.”

The franchise model targets clients ages 50 and up, a demographic traditionally underserved in the fitness industry. This strategic move comes at a time when most fitness programs predominantly focus on younger demographics.

In response to the changing landscape of fitness preferences, particularly post-pandemic, Alloy has emphasized creating a safer and more socially conducive workout environment. This focus on smaller, controlled settings for group training is in direct response to the growing demand for secure, in-person fitness options.

“Alloy has consistently set the pace in the fitness industry,” Mayo says. “We’re diving deeper into holistic wellness. This is more than fitness; it’s about empowering individuals to take complete charge of their health and thrive in every aspect of their lives.”

Comprehensive Wellness Plans

The partnership with Marek Health introduces the “Optimization Package,” which combines Alloy’s personalized training with Marek Health’s telehealth services. The package includes a comprehensive blood panel, a 45-minute lab review session, a medical provider consultation, and a structured four-step process for enhanced care. This approach is designed to offer clients precise insights into their health, allowing for targeted adjustments and personalized treatment plans.

“Age perception has shifted dramatically, transforming what was once considered ‘twilight years’ into a vibrant stage of life, full of potential,” Mayo says.

“We embrace this change, offering strategies for staying young and vital. Partnering with Marek Health enhances this vision, as their detailed health analyses and tailored treatments represent the future of personalized care,” he adds. “We are excited to offer our clients a holistic, proactive path to optimal wellness.”

credit: Alloy Personal Training

Steven Granzella, marketing director at Marek Health, echoed this sentiment. 

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“This partnership symbolizes a fusion of cutting-edge health technology and personalized fitness, bringing clients a new level of comprehensive wellness,” Granzella said.

Alloy’s Approach Drives Growth

One of Alloy’s differentiators is its coach-to-client ratio. Where the industry leans towards larger classes, Alloy maintains a ratio of one coach for every six clients, ensuring individual attention and effective training. 

Alloy’s pricing is structured to offer value. The group sessions provide the benefits of personal training at a more affordable price point, especially appealing to the target demographic who seek value for their investment.

Client retention is a cornerstone of Alloy’s business model, and it reports an average client stay of 36 months, translating to high lifetime customer value. The company offers a 30-1 franchisee-to-business coach ratio, a level of support the company says is instrumental in nurturing successful franchise operations.

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