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Asensei XR Could Be a Game-Changer for VR Fitness

Asensei XR Could Be a Game-Changer for VR Fitness

Asensei XR brings full-body motion capture, movement recognition and coaching intelligence to AR/VR platforms

Asensei, a leading provider of movement recognition and coaching intelligence, has unveiled an exciting extension to its software development kit (SDK) called Asensei XR. The new addition brings a range of extended reality (XR) capabilities to the SDK, revolutionizing the virtual and augmented reality landscape for fitness and health developers.

One of the major advancements offered by Asensei XR is integration with popular game development engines, Unity and Unreal Engine. The integration opens up new possibilities for developers, enabling them to create immersive and interactive experiences using Asensei’s cutting-edge technology.

With support for iOS, Android, Web, as well as cross-platform development platforms like Ionic, React and Flutter, the Asensei SDK ensures compatibility across a wide range of devices.

Positional tracking is another standout feature of Asensei XR. By utilizing the body as a controller, users can engage in “Exergames” that respond to their movements in real-time. Whether it’s moving left, right, forward, backward, jumping, crouching or performing specific sport or fitness techniques, the SDK accurately tracks and translates these actions into the virtual environment.

Real-time overlays are yet another exciting feature offered by Asensei XR. Users can now overlay real-time video capture on smart TVs and connected mirrors, enhancing their workout experience with animations and infographics that respond to their posture and movement. The visual feedback helps users maintain proper form and technique.

A (virtual) world of possibilities

Virtual fitness equipment is an innovative addition to Asensei XR, allowing equipment brands to transform CAD models into interactive digital equipment. Users can track punches, kicks and other movements accurately, with virtual equipment serving as targets or obstacles to overcome.

To further enhance the user experience, Asensei XR enables the integration of athlete and coach avatars. These on-screen avatars are rigged with motion-capture data from Asensei’s extensive exercise library, allowing them to demonstrate exercises and techniques with precision. Users can engage in natural language conversations with these avatars, thanks to Asensei Voice, which utilizes synthetic voice synthesis of real athletes, coaches and celebrities.

Collaborations with leading fitness brands

Top brands have recognized the potential of Asensei XR. Litesport, formally Liteboxer, creates some of the world’s most immersive workouts combining hit music, game dynamics, and expert training.

“We were approached to showcase Litesport on upcoming mixed-reality headsets that are not yet in the market”, says Jeff Morin, founder and CEO of Litesport. “However, we needed full body-tracking, exercise recognition and real-time feedback driven by form-tracking. The Asensei team worked quickly and effectively to deliver us a sample Unity app that made AI integration a breeze. This will be a game-changer for XR sport and fitness apps.”

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credit: Litesport

PowerBlock, the first brand to create adjustable dumbbells nearly 30 years ago, is an industry pioneer. PowerBlock expandable dumbbells are trusted in elite training rooms and facilities, and now will be available digitally, including to customers in VR/AR.

“With Asensei fitness equipment detection, not only can Asensei XR recognize when someone is holding PowerBlock dumbbells, but identify exactly how much weight is loaded on them using advanced computer vision and machine learning.” says Mattson Towley, CEO of PowerBlock. “Incorporating Powerblock dumbbells into a mixed reality experience, virtual trainers will not only know how well you’re moving, but how much weight you’re moving.

Towley called the innovation an “astonishing leap forward in virtual strength training.”

As the demand for VR and AR experiences continues to rise, Asensei is at the forefront of empowering developers to create groundbreaking fitness and health applications. With Asensei XR, users can look forward to a future where VR and AR seamlessly integrate with their fitness routines, delivering personalized coaching and immersive experiences.

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