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Asensei Adds Cloud Coach, A Potent Tech Tool for Connected Fitness

Asensei Adds Cloud Coach, A Potent Tech Tool for Connected Fitness

Fitness companies can use Cloud Coach to analyze workout videos, enabling form-tracking and rep-count solutions

Asensei, a tech company specializing in technique coaching and skill-based learning for sports and fitness brands, has introduced Cloud Coach to enhance the capabilities of sports and fitness videos and bring advanced solutions for connected fitness companies.

The Cloud Coach leverages Asensei’s software development kit (SDK), which debuted an extended reality (XR) extension this year.

While Asensei has laid the groundwork for fitness and health developers to bring virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences to consumers, its latest tool looks to tackle fitness and sports footage with leading methods — and create new opportunities.

Connected Fitness Solution

Cloud Coach offers an easy solution for quickly processing video uploads, effortlessly managing multiple feeds from several cameras on a game field or court, with the ability to splice footage to remove extraneous content. The new Cloud Coach can generate real-time data insights for sports broadcasts, but can also be highly useful in a connected fitness context.

Asensei’s movement recognition processor can detect multiple movements in video footage at unspecified times. Connected fitness companies can use Cloud Coach to analyze videos, annotating them with metadata that indicate which specific exercise is being performed and timestamps when the exercises start and stop, which can power form-tracking and rep-count solutions. This is especially helpful for connected fitness brands with large content libraries.

For fitness or sports activities that don’t require real-time feedback, the Cloud Coach can provide mid-practice or post-practice analysis, providing coaching insights to players or coaches after a simple video upload. A training journal capability is also available, where users can upload videos to receive comprehensive post-workout feedback on performance and progress.

Asensei allows connected fitness companies to pilot its capabilities without integrating the software kit by uploading video to its Computer Vision Processor Input for post-workout analysis.

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Fitness Brands Tap Asensei

The tech company recently partnered with Centr, the health and wellness platform founded by actor Chris Hemsworth, to create artificial intelligence-driven connected fitness experiences using computer vision that recognizes human movement. Asensei’s technology will help develop a new product for the health and wellness platform.

Asensei’s movement-capturing, VR/AR and connected fitness innovations have also attracted other fitness clients such as Vertimax, PowerBlock, Litesport, Fittar, Bhout and Alter. 

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