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How YogaSix Uses Strength Training To Maximize Members’ Workouts

How YogaSix Uses Strength Training To Maximize Members’ Workouts

The Xponential Fitness franchise is strategically using strength training to help members get more out of their workouts and also introduce new clients to the YogaSix brand

YogaSix knows no boundaries, both on the map and with its evolving workout programs. Fresh off its 200th global studio launch, the Xponential Fitness-owned yoga franchise has continued to enhance its class offerings.

Famous for modernizing yoga classes with ambient lighting, upbeat music, and temperature variations (heated and non-heated classes), YogaSix added strength training class Y6 Sculpt & Flow before later including the Y6 TRX class, tapping into the modality’s rising popularity, especially among women. 

“We were discussing the popularity of our sculpt and flow class that combines yoga, weights and cardio and wanted to add another option for members that was in a similar realm,” explained Lindsay Junk, YogaSix President. “Xponential already had a relationship with TRX, so we went to work to create a class that made use of their incredible equipment in a way yoga students typically aren’t exposed to. Our education department partnered with theirs to create a truly unique experience.”

Making Strength Accessible 

With the equipment for YogaSix’s strength training classes in all studios already, integrating in a TRX class was a seamless addition.  Equipment includes weights ranging from 3-15 pounds along with TRX straps, blocks, bolsters, and bands, and all studios built after 2021 have TRX mounts on their walls as well. 

TRX’s value as a partner cannot be overstated, both in terms of delivering equipment and even as a familiar entry point for some members new to the hybridization of yoga and strength training.

“Students getting the tour of the space often have a lot of questions about how these sorts of tools get used at a yoga studio, but we quickly sell them on the benefits of integrating strength training,” said Kelly Turner, YogaSix Vice President of Training & Experience. “They see the mount and the suspension anchor and get super curious about how they’ll be used, or if they’re familiar with TRX, they quickly want to get booked into one of the class options available.”

“We knew a big part of the population knew TRX and would be more comfortable coming to YogaSix with modalities they knew,” Junk added.

credit: Xponential Fitness

The Benefits of Yoga x Strength Training

Strength training’s surging popularity makes this an opportune decision from YogaSix. With new demographics flocking to the fitness modality, including women and older populations, the brand is equipping itself for this new age of health and wellness.

“Strength training is only going to increase in popularity,” Junk predicts. “In recent years, more and more women have stopped buying into the false notion that if they lift weights they will somehow get ‘bulky.’ Not true. Building muscle mass is a way to help the whole body and mind stay healthy, while also increasing metabolism and cardiovascular strength.”

Lindsay Junk (credit: Xponential Fitness)

Turner agrees, noting she’s seen more women take up strength training. 

“Now we hear a lot of chatter before and after class with women talking about what they see as some of the surprising benefits of strength-based classes… like the ability to carry their growing kids up the stairs,” Turner said. “There seems to be more women focused on getting strong, rather than just getting thin.”

YogaSix’s increased emphasis on strength training also promises to give members more from their workout experience. Oftentimes the health benefits from yoga are only one piece of the puzzle, argues Turner. Strength training can help complete it. 

“Some yoga students over-emphasize stretching, but without muscular stability, they are missing out on part of the equation,” she noted. “We see students who do our strength-focused classes start to achieve better form and unlock more advanced postures in their yoga journey. It will help our yoga students see gains in their yoga practice and add more value to their membership.” 

Attracting a Broader Range of Students

This expansion of YogaSix’s workout offerings will also assist franchise owners at the studio level. The new workouts will bring in new faces and ease them into additional YogaSix offerings, such as the company’s core practices.  

“A lot of people, especially those more comfortable in a gym setting, assume there is no place for them in a yoga studio; that yoga is boring and a waste of time,” said Turner. “So we get them through the door with a killer workout class like Y6 Sculpt & Flow that starts to expose them to some yoga to both warm up and cool down before the ass-kicking strength and cardio work in the majority of class.”

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People doing step ups in a group strength training class.

“That is often enough to wet their whistle to want to explore other yoga options,” noted Turner. 

If all goes well, YogaSix could soon begin to replace traditional gyms entirely for at least some members.

“We want YogaSix to be the only membership you need to have,” added Turner. “Sure, a lot of our members also do other modalities of fitness outside of  YogaSix, but since we rolled out Y6 Sculpt & Flow and then again after launching Y6 TRX, we’ve gotten great feedback that members feel like they can now cancel their gym membership because they get the full strength conditioning they’re looking for in our walls.”

credit: Xponential Fitness

Flexibility Is Key 

YogaSix only wants to expand on the adaptability shown by the inclusion of these strength-based workout classes. Junk and her colleagues remain on the lookout for what’s going to pick up traction next in the fitness sector. 

“Practicing yoga means staying flexible,” said Turner. “The entire corporate team is made up of people who not only love and practice yoga, but also just love fitness in general. So we keep our fingers on the pulse of what is happening. If we stayed super rigid to only doing things the way we’ve always done them, we’d be missing out on what modern science, kinesiology, and biomechanics is teaching us, as well as what our communities want, or need.”

Kelly Turner (credit: Xponential Fitness)

YogaSix’s next addition to its arsenal of fitness offerings will be a more dedicated focus on private training program packages. Those enrolled will get more one-on-one instruction, whether that’s for traditional yoga classes, strength-focused programs, or one of YogaSix’s other class offerings.

“Our goal at YogaSix is to make yoga accessible to everyone,” affirmed Junk. “For me, that means continuing to successfully open studios in the territories we have sold. Right now we are the largest franchised yoga provider in the world. We are excited to continue our growth across the United States and internationally.”

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