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Planet Fitness Launches Media Network for Advertisers

Planet Fitness Launches Media Network for Advertisers

Planet Fitness is stepping up its advertising game. The “Judgment Free” gym franchise announced the launch of its PF Media Network. The project will operate as a multi-channel advertising solution, linking advertisers to Planet Fitness members both in-club and digitally across multiple channels with an intent to drive awareness and sales.

“We are thrilled to evolve our advertising solutions to provide agency teams, media buyers, and brands the opportunity to reach our more than 18 million Planet Fitness members,” said Sherrill Kaplan, chief digital officer at Planet Fitness. “Our member base represents a cross-section of the U.S. population across 2,400 clubs, skewing towards Gen Z and Millennials, which our advertising partners are eager to serve in dynamic and efficient ways.”

The PF Media Network’s content will filter into three different channels: in-club media, digital audiences and affiliate campaigns. 

  • In-Club Media: Advertisers get the opportunity to reach Planet Fitness’ active and physically present members, communicating through TVs located throughout the gym, in its PF Black Card Spa and inside locker rooms.
  • Digital Audiences: Permitting advertisers to reach Planet Fitness members via connected television, programmatic and social media outlets. This is accomplished through partnerships with LiveRamp, a leading data collaboration platform
  • Affiliate Campaigns: The PF Media Network invites advertisers already participating in digital and in-club advertising opportunities to complement their outreach methods via email and the Planet Fitness app. Visible ad placement in these highly populated platforms promises to expand advertising partner conversion

Planet Fitness isn’t the first business to head down this advertising path, fitness or otherwise. Other non-retail companies who’ve recently moved to utilize their in-person and digital whereabouts with consumers include United Airlines, Uber and Lyft, according to Retail TouchPoints. Several gym chains have also run their own in-house advertising programs.

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Now boasting over 18.5 million members, the most of any gym chain, Planet Fitness already represents one of the fastest-growing and most popular fitness brands in the industry. The franchise has found a winning formula in terms of targeting Gen-Z with its pricing, hours and culture. Applying the PF Media Network to that vast audience could mean even more growth is on the horizon.

This article has been updated with additional information on in-house advertising programs.

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