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InsideTracker is Revolutionizing Personalized Health Recommendations

InsideTracker is Revolutionizing Personalized Health Recommendations

InsideTracker is changing the landscape of fitness with its cutting-edge algorithmic engine to analyze DNA, blood, and lifestyle habits, guiding consumers toward their health goals with actionable recommendations

InsideTracker was founded in 2009 by a team of experts in genetics, biometric data, and aging, including Dr. Gil Blander, the company’s current Chief Scientific Officer. Blander had always been fascinated by the aging process, and how best to increase lifespan and quality of life. “We said to ourselves, ‘Let’s try to understand what’s happening under the hood. Let’s try to see what issues each person has. And based on that, let’s try to give those people recommendations on what foods to eat, what supplements to take, what exercises to do, and what lifestyle changes to perform in order to optimize their body and hopefully improve their quality of life.’”

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The team decided to initially use blood biomarkers as a means to answer these questions. The ever-changing nature of blood made it an optimal source for tracking: the impact of lifestyle changes could be measured more accurately and frequently. The InsideTracker team of scientists mined scientific literature to investigate relevant ways to optimize each of the targeted blood biomarkers. For optimizing the levels of the markers such as fiber, glucose, and testosterone, they pored over relevant research to compile the best recommendations for consumer actions. The InsideTracker team then developed a list of recommendations based on biomarker deficiencies, personalized to each consumer profile.

Unlike most other blood tests, InsideTracker’s results come with these personalized recommendations, ranked by consumer relevance. Each biomarker’s impact on health is ranked, informing the user what is having the greatest impact on their body and goals. In addition, the platform prompts for necessary re-testing and goal check-ins on daily actions, acting as an accountability buddy. InsideTracker even provides customized recipes based on nutritional deficiencies. The platform also offers the ability to integrate DNA testing into one’s profile and recommendations. While it is a more expensive option, including DNA can reveal predispositions for sleep, performance, and food sensitives.

InsideTracker’s tests start at $189 for Essentials, which focuses on the 12 key biomarkers linked to overall wellness, metabolism, sleep, and energy. The company also offers the option to upload a recent blood test from a doctor, employer, or insurance company and receive insights on up to 43 biomarkers for only $119. InsideTracker’s more comprehensive options include “The Complete Picture,” which is a blood and DNA test, and provides insights on 43 biomarkers, and is $799. The company’s services are also HSA/FSA eligible and HIPAA compliant.

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Consumers’ first test is generally a “deep dive” to get a baseline understanding of the current state of their health. Moving forward, they typically do a once-a-year refresh, with focused re-testing of their prioritized biomarkers in between. While InsideTracker is a consumer-focused offering, it also offers InsideTracker Pro. This new service provides the company’s valuable insights for the athletes’ team, such as coaches, dieticians, and health practitioners. InsideTracker Pro has the potential to revolutionize athletic training, more accurately and effectively guiding individuals towards their goals.

InsideTracker’s science-backed approach to helping individuals live healthier, longer lives continues to evolve. Dr. Blander has been firm on the mission of the company since its founding, “We want to help humans live better, longer lives based on an understanding of what’s happening inside their bodies. Every person is different […] we want to improve their quality of life and health span.”

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