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InsideTracker Announces Apple Watch Integration to Provide Evidence-Based Wellness Solutions

InsideTracker Announces Apple Watch Integration to Provide Evidence-Based Wellness Solutions

InsideTracker x Apple Watch can help gather data leading to ultimate wellness & longevity

InsideTracker has announced Apple Watch integration on its iOS personalized health app. The personalized health analytics company, founded in 2009 by scientists from Harvard, MIT and Tufts, is on a mission to give users an inside look at their health and well-being. The company uses DNA, blood biometrics, and daily habits (which are a goldmine of data) in order to create actionable wellness plans. 

The performance and nutrition app provides real-time nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Thanks to the new Apple Watch integration, InsideTracker users can now track and analyze blood, fitness, and sleep data in one place and gain deeper insight with accompanying Apple Watch data.

InsideTracker shared a video announcing the new Apple Watch integration on Instagram.

“InsideTracker is the only system that integrates this level of activity tracking with blood, DNA and lifestyle data, and we’re excited to unlock these precision wellness and longevity benefits for 100 million Apple Watch users,” says Dr. Gil Blander, co-founder and chief scientific officer of InsideTracker. 

According to the biometric wellness company, the more data InsideTracker has, the more precise recommendations it can make. InsideTracker progress is updated in real-time when an Apple Watch registers a completed activity.

Another feature of InsideTracker is ProTips, real-time bites of personalized wellness advice tailored to the user. InsideTracker dieticians curate ProTips, which can be used to improve exercise, resting heart rate, and sleep duration.

InsideTrackers who own an Apple Watch can take advantage of the new integration by downloading the updated InsideTracker app with Apple Watch integration from the App Store. Users can connect their device after it has been loaded by logging into their InsideTracker account.

Users who do not have an InsideTracker account but own an Apple Watch can select a plan, submit a blood sample or upload results, and then download the app to receive their blood test results. They can create an action plan to achieve their health and wellness goals after their device has been synced.

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Shalane Flanagan, a four-time Olympian, used InsideTracker blood-level monitoring during a series of six marathons. Flanagan discovered her B12 level was less-than-stellar using InsideTracker, and she now believes she has been “under-fueled” as a high-performance athlete based on InsideTracker’s ongoing biometric analysis.

The company has peer-reviewed papers in Scientific Reports and Current Developments in Nutrition.

After a successful 2021, InsideTracker announced the addition of Renee Deehan, PhD, vice president of science and artificial intelligence, and Roy Klein, vice president of engineering, to its management team last month.

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