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EoS Fitness Tops 1 Million Members, Carves Aggressive Expansion Plan

EoS Fitness Tops 1 Million Members, Carves Aggressive Expansion Plan

The low-cost gym chain is investing heavily in revamping its amenities, recovery options and high-tech workout solutions in its legacy facilities

EoS Fitness, a high-value, low-price gym that launched in 2014, has announced it has welcomed the one-millionth member to its amenity-rich fitness concept. The brand is now gearing up to add new locations as part of its ongoing growth strategy, with the aim of opening over 250 gyms by 2030. 

The latest EoS gym opened in Phoenix this month, the company’s 29th gym in the state. EoS has been especially successful in Texas, with six gyms overall and five in the Houston area. The gym says it plans to open 50 new locations in the Greater Houston area and Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Over in Florida, EoS opened its ninth gym last month, with plans to open ten locations by the end of the year. 

“As we grow, we’re constantly evolving and looking for ways to elevate our gyms. And as we continue to expand and enter new states, we’ve had to remain nimble, and at times get creative,” said Rich Drengberg, CEO of EoS Fitness. “We opened our 40th gym in January of 2020 and despite the challenges of the pandemic, we’ve more than doubled in size since then, opening our 80th gym in May of 2023. It’s a testament to our agility as a company and how we’re always innovating to improve the member experience.”

EoS has over 50 new leases signed with new locations planned through 2030 in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Texas and Utah. Despite its expansion plans, Dave Reiseman, chief growth officer, says EoS’ growth isn’t just defined by opening new gyms. 

“Our growth and improvement mindset extends to gyms we’ve already opened as well. We’re committed to continual reinvestment and have an entire team dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of the industry,” Reiseman said. “It’s imperative to us that all of our gyms, regardless of age, are in peak condition and that we’re providing our members with the most innovative fitness equipment and machines available and best-in-class amenities and services.”

More Bang for Your Buck

EoS confirms its plans to invest tens of millions of dollars in its existing sites to upgrade amenities and bring recovery options and high-tech workout solutions to legacy gyms. Some locations, such as those in Arizona and Utah, now feature Power Plate in their recovery spaces, bringing whole-body vibration technology to EoS members.

credit: Power Plate

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Despite its low membership cost, EoS prides itself on offering a premium experience for its members, with group fitness and cycling classes, a MOVEoS Cinema that provides a unique movie theater experience and EoS Yard, a functional training area on turf with battle ropes, sleds and tire flips. 

As for equipment, EoS offers top-notch cardio machines, Olympic lifting platforms and smart technology strength equipment like EoS Smart Strength powered by EGYM, which personalizes and gamifies workouts.

EoS also has vast options for recovery, such as The Tank, a dedicated space that includes Hyperice percussion massagers, Normatec compression boots, stretch tables and CryoLounge+ loungers and recovery rooms with Human Touch massage chairs.

Many other EOS facilities also offer clubs for children, indoor pools, hot tubs and saunas. 

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