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Ekhos Helps Fitness Brands Win With a Human Approach to Digital Marketing

Ekhos Helps Fitness Brands Win With a Human Approach to Digital Marketing

There are many digital marketing agencies, but Ekhos sets itself apart with a data-driven, story-centric approach to health and wellness advertising

There are countless digital agencies, but few of them focus on health and wellness, and even fewer use a human approach to advertising. For Ekhos, building authentic connections with clients, consumers and potential buyers is part of its DNA. 

Ekhos is a full-service marketing agency offering several services including e-commerce, web design, brand identity, and digital marketing. Some of its notable clients include training equipment maker Power Plate, boutique fitness studios Vibez Fit and Shred415, and CBD brand fourfive

Ekhos was born out of founder Saskia Topp’s deep-rooted love for the world of health and wellness. 

“We are dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends in the boutique studio, health, and wellness industries,” says Topp. That passion drives her commitment to building solid connections with clients.

A Hands-On Approach

Ekhos prides itself on doing due diligence when partnering with a new client. An introductory call is set up to deep dive into the brand’s existing strategy. Afterward, Ekhos sends a detailed proposal explaining how the client can improve their omnichannel strategy. Ekhos then onboards the client, collects any relevant digital assets they have, and discusses any new ones needed. 

Once the campaign strategy is defined for the next quarter or month, Ekhos begins production and gets to work. Potential clients sometimes start off working ad-hoc, but eventually, after trust is established, they move over to a more comprehensive approach. 

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, founder Topp is incredibly hands-on with every client. 

“Ekhos is my baby, so it is hard not to be,” she says. Every client receives direct help from the founder and a dedicated account manager. 

Saskia Topp (credit: Ekhos Agency)

“If I am being completely transparent, I think it is my personality that compliments client-relationship success,” she adds. 

Leaning Into Data

Part of Ekhos’ success comes from its ability to analyze data and adjust accordingly. 

“I firmly believe in the idea that the only way to learn is to measure,” says Topp. 

Genuine digital growth does not happen overnight. Sometimes it takes three to six months to see tangible evidence that a campaign is working. 

“We consistently provide insights derived from our clients’ successes and setbacks,” notes Topp.

Shred415 is a perfect example of how data can be used to measure success. They came to Ekhos with 19 studios and a recognizable brand name. The workout, which consists of four 15-minute intervals, focuses on the brand’s community, called “Shrednation.” 

Although it’s already an established brand, Shred415 wanted to increase its existing reach and generate new leads. Ekhos used its expertise in email marketing, digital campaign strategy and social media to improve Shred415’s studio sign-ups and increase its bottom line. 

Over seven months, Shred415’s organic social media audience grew by 241 percent. 

Storytelling Drives Revenue

Ekhos humanizes brands through robust “ambassadors.” 

“I prefer calling them ambassadors rather than influencers because these are individuals who genuinely care about your brand both online and offline,” says Topp. 

She utilizes an ambassador strategy because it’s not only cost-effective but emphasizes user-generated content which oftentimes comes across as more organic. 

“In today’s landscape, people are drawn to authentic, human-centric content rather than forced or fake content,” notes Topp. 

credit: Ekhos Agency

Ekhos used the power of storytelling to increase brand awareness for Vibez Fit. The brand is a boutique fitness studio that utilizes the Power Plate machine in 30-to-45-minute strength, cardio and flexibility workouts. 

As a new studio in the saturated fitness market, Vibez Fit grappled with building awareness online. They opened during a difficult post-COVID landscape and in a new market, Chicago. 

Ekhos was able to provide amplified online visibility and awareness through its proven track record in marketing. 

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Ekhos increased Vibez’s organic social media link clicks by 93 percent over a 12-month period. They also increased Vibez’s organic social media presence by 33 percent over the same time span. 

“The studio has a strong community focus, serving as people’s second home. That’s why I emphasize creating human-centric, relatable content tailored to this community,” says Topp. 

Ekhos also embraces the power of personal connection and client referrals in studios with tight-knit communities like Vibez Fit or Shred415.

credit: Ekhos Agency

Keeping Tabs on Trends

The world of social media is constantly evolving, which is why Topp and her team stay afloat with the latest trends. Each week, she meets with her team to discuss something new they learned. 

“It’s incredibly helpful since each team member focuses on different elements and works with various programs, ensuring a continuous, diverse learning process,” she says. 

The key to staying on top of what’s new on each platform is posting on each channel. 

“If you’re not posting, creating, or engaging in a social community, you’ll miss out on understanding the evolving landscape.” 

Topp is also an Instagram ambassador, so she understands the various platforms and loves to play around with different features like Instagram Live. 

What’s Next for Ekhos

The world of digital is becoming increasingly automated, and Ekhos is keeping with the times while remaining true to its founding principles. Topp says the agency is collaborating with brands to develop automation marketing strategies and creatives. 

Additionally, Ekhos is moving beyond boutique fitness to include the general fitness and wellness category. 

“This move will allow us to bring our expertise to a wider range of clients, offering comprehensive solutions in both marketing strategy and creative development,” she says. 

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