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Crunch Fitness Eyes Viral Positivity With New Ad Campaign

Crunch Fitness Eyes Viral Positivity With New Ad Campaign

The NY-based gym franchise offers a humorous take on the benefits of a Crunch workout, inviting members to “Feel Good, Not Bad”

Crunch Fitness is reminding fitness consumers to “Feel Good, Not Bad” in a new ad campaign designed to generate smiles and promote the positive benefits of a Crunch workout, especially when compared to a snake bite…or getting stuck in a revolving door. 

The New York-based high-value, low-price gym franchise with two million members partnered with creative agency Familiar Creatures to create two cheeky commercial spots, which will begin airing nationally on December 26th on TV.

“The ‘Feel Good, Not Bad’ mantra is more than a slogan,” said Chad Waetzig, chief marketing officer at Crunch Fitness. “It encapsulates the very essence of what we create every day at Crunch. It’s something that carries you through your workout and after you leave. It’s the energy, the community and the joy of crushing it without thinking about it. In a world where things can sometimes feel out of your control, Crunch is a haven where you can turn that all around— helping you to feel your best from the moment you step through our doors.”

Crunch hopes its new, humorous message will go viral on social media as memes, GIFs and shareable personal tales as the “Feel Good, Not Bad” campaign is seen and heard throughout TV and radio, social media platforms, merchandise, in-gym materials and billboards. 

Still shot from the “Feel Good, Not Bad” ad campaign (credit: Crunch Fitness)

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“After going through our brand strategy process with Crunch Fitness, we realized they’re all about making everyone feel good,” said Justin Bajan, co-founder of Familiar Creatures. “We juxtaposed this insight against some of the things that make people feel bad and made Crunch’s purpose shine even brighter.” 

Crunch currently has over 430 gym locations worldwide and a presence in 37 states, and is expanding ambitiously under CEO Jim Rowley. The fitness franchise has also made inroads with a special travel workout series on Crunch+, its digital platform, in response to fitness customers searching for ways to keep healthy and active while on vacation. It also recently partnered with Life Fitness for equipment and Amazon One for biometric entry at select gym locations.

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