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Connected Health & Fitness Summit Poised for Groundbreaking 2024 Event

Connected Health & Fitness Summit Poised for Groundbreaking 2024 Event

Nike, Whoop, SoulCycle, Crunch Fitness, Bhout, FitXR and Planet Fitness will attend, and speakers include the CEOs of Tonal and Solidcore

Los Angeles is gearing up to give Silicon Valley a run for its money. While LA’s neighbor to the north remains a popular breeding ground for tech and innovation from a general standpoint, during a couple of days in early February, nobody will be able to hold a candle to the City of Angels in terms of fitness and wellness. 

From February 7-8, 2024, the Connected Health & Fitness Summit will return for a fifth time. The event gives attendees, including executives and founders from top fitness and wellness companies, a platform to explore partnerships, share ideas and seek investments. It serves as a launchpad for any business either in its initial stages or looking to reach new heights. Take a look at the agenda here

Hear From Industry Heavyweights

Just to name a few, representatives from Nike, Whoop, SoulCycle, Crunch Fitness, Bhout, FitXR and Planet Fitness will all be in attendance. Fifty speakers include major industry players such as Krystal Zell, CEO at Tonal, Bryan Myers, President and CEO at Solidcore, and Tabitha Green, U.S. Head of Marketing for Les Mills.

With so many key figures present and new avenues for growth being paved, the 2023 conference left participants feeling inspired and more than satisfied with their takeaways. With the Connected Health & Fitness Summit only expanding on those factors this year, attendees can expect a similar result. 

credit: Connected Health & Fitness Summit

“Talk about top-tier execution,” said Eddie Lester, a past attendee and the founder of MetaGym. “Every detail was well thought out, leading to an amazing experience. The attendees were all thought leaders and executives allowing most conversations to be with the real decision makers. Great work!”

An Event (or Two) for Everyone

Additional highlights of the 2024 convention will include Innovation Showcases, a Women in Fitness Forum, and a CEO/Founders forum. 

The Innovation Showcase, spread out over two sessions, offers applicants the chance to pitch their early-development fitness and wellness companies on the forum’s main stage. The Selection Committee, composed of seven leaders from renowned investment groups, including Kaya Ventures and the EY Ventures Group, will hand-pick candidates with the most potential to make waves in fitness and wellness. This year’s selections include Coach Welly, an app that motivates and rewards gym members via personalized tracking and gamification software, as well as Equa, another app that enhances the psychological approach to fitness. Fitbiomics, which offers a probiotic focused on improving sleep, was also selected alongside Gainful, which offers a more personalized approach to protein and supplements. 

Lumin Fitness, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered gym that gives its members a cutting-edge approach to fitness, LumosTech, which helps users take sleep and recovery to the next level using an app and wearable, and Proteus Motion, a next-gen system of training tools, will also present at the showcases. RE/GEN Method, a company offering classes backed by science that blend pilates and strength training, will round out the group.

The Women in Fitness Forum offers a platform to connect prominent female executives, investors and entrepreneurs in fitness. Mirroring the Summit at large, this forum plans to spur innovation and collaboration, and foster partnerships specifically between the driving female forces within the industry. Session hosts include Kate Veronneau, Director of Women’s Strategy at Zwift and Desiree Guilliard-Young, a shareholder and former COO/CHRO at Sanctuary Fitness.

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credit: Connected Health & Fitness Summit

The CEO/Founders Forum takes the fitness and wellness industry’s brightest, most established faces, and puts them all under one roof. Attendees can form connections and discuss ideas to help retool each other’s business strategies. Talking points include investor and strategic partner relations, retaining and engaging consumers today and for the future, cultivating and managing a winning company culture, as well as strategies to promote and champion DEI practices internally and among your audience. The forum has a history of forming “meaningful connections” among attendees, the Connected Health & Fitness Summit organizers note. 

A Range of Perspectives – And Opportunities

Of all Connected Health & Fitness Summit attendees, 30% hail from the fitness tech and connected fitness industry. Another 30% come from both boutique and scaled gyms, studios, clubs, spas and hotels. Investors, both private equity and venture, make up 15%, while executives from training equipment/hardware devices and fitness/sport apparel each make up 15%. Companies focused on wellness (nutrition, sleep, mental health, wellbeing)  round out the remaining 10% of the demographic. 

This allows the Summit to feature a wide variety of minds and perspectives but all with related goals. It’s a melting pot of sorts, but one with enough organization to help you make immediate progress on your fitness and wellness endeavors.

The Connected Health & Fitness Summit 2024  will take place at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Northwest Los Angeles on February 7-8. Tickets are still available for purchase on the event website. Deals are in place for organizations looking to send a group to the event rather than an individual, though prices are set to increase after January 12. 

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