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Calculated in the Cloud: bodQR Provides Fitness Businesses with a Comprehensive View of Members

Calculated in the Cloud: bodQR Provides Fitness Businesses with a Comprehensive View of Members

bodQR code to be scanned for comprehensive view of fitness members & business
If you’re in the results business, bodQR recommends taking note of the benefits of body and needs analysis

As technology strives to make life easier and more efficient, why not calculate fitness and business results in the cloud?

bodQR, a SaaS company that serves the fitness industry, YMCAs, and coaches, has launched its new body and needs analysis software to provide calculated-in-the-cloud analysis, lowering costs and ensuring private, self-serve body analysis for unlimited fitness users. 

The SaaS product also enables fitness operators to track shifts in fitness interests and trends within a membership and identifies how member motivations for participation in fitness are changing over time. Over the long-term, the data can help keep fitness members engaged.

Fitness members will access a custom-branded bodQR web app for their home club by either scanning a QR code or clicking a link using their smartphone. After quickly entering some info, the members will receive a comprehensive guided body and needs analysis results delivered right to their device browser – without having to download a mobile app. 

The web app will then allow fitness staff to instantly access member results in a bodQR dashboard, along with marketing and analytics features designed for sales and retention. 

The outcomes are twofold: fitness consumers benefit from actionable analysis, while fitness clubs and professionals benefit from business data, allowing them to better understand and serve their fitness consumers.

CEO Paul Amoruso says the results can be eye-opening for fitness facilities that employ bodQR, with the initial surprise of seeing how hungry fitness consumers are to learn about their overall health. Fitness businesses may be taken aback at how much time their members will spend consuming personalized results that give them insights into their own needs.

Paul Amoruso smiling
bodQR founder & CEO Paul Amoruso

“One unique feature in bodQR is the member success factor analysis, which generates scores for each member measuring their need for structure, support, challenge, interaction, modification and instruction,” Amoruso said. “These scores can also be quite surprising as to the diversity of needs with a membership, providing a different and powerful way to think about segmentation and programming to best help members.”

The bodQR body and needs analysis also allows fitness consumers to enjoy the services that higher-paying fitness members, such as personal training clients, typically receive. The SaaS company says this method democratizes analysis by providing continuous access for fitness members without the cost or bottleneck of hardware and staff.  

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“Until now, the majority of clubs and studios with group formats and larger memberships have been unable to conduct body & needs analysis with their entire membership on a consistent basis as the process has been too costly or too awkward for members,” said Amoruso. 

“Nonetheless, these members still expect their fitness provider to fully understand their needs, regardless of format, membership size or membership price. This situation makes members feel invisible, causing dissatisfaction and retention risk. bodQR enables fitness businesses of any size or format to systematically know their members at scale, and to concretely demonstrate concern about the condition and needs of each individual member.”

bodQR can easily fold within any size fitness and nutrition business and doesn’t require hardware or public scanning, easing privacy concerns. It’s also designed to be labor-free, without the need for oversight, manual printing, or personal explanation of the results. 

The software was recently unveiled at the Connected Health & Fitness Summit in Los Angeles, where bodQR was chosen as a presenter as well as an Innovation Showcase Finalist.

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