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Ahara Raises $10M for AI-Powered Approach to Personalized Nutrition

Ahara Raises $10M for AI-Powered Approach to Personalized Nutrition

Ahara uses multiple health data points to provide personalized nutrition recommendations with the help of AI

Ahara Nutrition, a subscription-based personalized nutrition and supplement solution, has secured $10.25 million in funding and announced a beta launch of its platform.

The company, founded by Dr. Melina Jampolis and Julie Wainwright, creator of online luxury fashion marketplace The RealReal, seeks to provide consumers with a comprehensive look at their health, providing personalized recommendations with the help of artificial intelligence.

As a patient of Dr. Melina, an internist and board-certified physician nutrition specialist, Wainwright said she experienced the benefits of a holistic approach to health. 

“It quickly became clear to me that technology could make personalized nutrition available to all,” Wainwright said of the special blend of genetics, a health survey and biomarker tests, which Ahara uses to create a personalized food and supplement regimen. “I approached Dr. Melina with the idea for a health tech business that would reach millions, and she quickly understood that together we could help everyone achieve optimal health.”

Greycroft Partners led the seed round with participation from Headline, Shakti Capital, Dr. Samuel Jampolis, Wainwright and Sandy Sholl.

Ahara uses multiple health data points collected from a scientifically-based health questionnaire and at–home genetic, epigenetic and biomarker testing. Current health focus options include heart, gut, brain, metabolic, aging or immune. The data is then combined with its AI algorithm, which will identify critical nutrients and provide hyper-personalized recommendations.

Ahara says a performance option will follow next year as one of its health focuses. There is currently a waitlist for the beta launch, which is scheduled for later this summer. Waitlisted members will be among the first to access the platform once it’s available.

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Users will receive personalized nutrition plans with nutrient-specific meals, recipes, shopping lists and even a dining-out menu scan. Ahara also provides measurable improvement tracking through quarterly and annual retesting and 1:1 support from experts for its premium-level members.

Ahara’s AI features glean learnings from app engagement and data tracking to deepen its knowledge of its user’s unique eating patterns. For Dr. Melina, harnessing the power of AI was crucial to the development of the nutrition solution. 

“I co-founded Ahara with Julie to make evidence-based, personalized nutrition accessible to everyone,” said Dr. Melina. “The opportunity to contribute to nutrition science with our science-based, AI-supported approach was too important to pass up.”

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