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Why Water-Filled Punching Bags Are the Future of Boxing Fitness 

Why Water-Filled Punching Bags Are the Future of Boxing Fitness 

Aqua Training Bags have become a staple in major boutique and big box gyms due to their durability and ease on people’s joints compared to traditional fabric or sand-filled bags

Promountings, a leading boxing fitness equipment manufacturing company, prefers surf over turf. The brand recently acquired Aqua Training Bag, a global supplier of water-filled punching bags. While also manufacturing mounts and racks to pair with them, Promountings is helping gyms and fitness facilities reimagine ways for their members to throw lefts and rights. 

“The Aqua Training Bags have become a staple in major boutique and big box gyms such as Rumble Boxing, Club Studio (owned by LA Fitness), MADabolic, Equinox, Sweat and Tonic, 1Rebel UK and many more,” said Royce Negron, President of Promountings. “Sales are continuing to increase since acquisition.” 

Negron also added that sales have especially increased with high-value, low-price (HVLP) gyms, as well as facilities in Canada, Mexico and Australia. 

When you consider an Aqua Bag’s benefits compared to those of a fabric and sand, this spike in interest is easily understandable. 

Take It Easy Where It Matters

Traditional punching bags come with “dead spots,” caused by the fabric and the sand settling into the bag. This occurs over time and eventually makes the punching bag unpleasant to hit. The Aqua Bag completely removes that annoyance. 

“The Aqua Training Bag maintains its shape and has no hard spots,” explained Negron. “The boxing workout has gained a lot of popularity over the years but I think the average gym goer enjoys hitting the aqua bag more because it’s less pain on their joints and feels real.”

Royce Negron (credit: Promountings)

Doing so helps users train longer and prevent injuries, which remains a shared goal by individuals and operators alike. This is especially important with a fitness modality like boxing, as individuals often go into it without much training or the proper equipment.

“For gyms, the last thing they want is members hurting themselves or getting serious injuries,” said Negron. “With an exercise like boxing, it’s super important to have safety at the forefront. Most people incorrectly wrap their hands and have below-average boxing gloves. So having the Aqua Bag be super forgiving makes it an amazing experience to hit and not get hurt.”

Compared to bags filled with fabric and sand, Aqua Bags also make boxing exercise more accessible for a wide array of individuals. 

“We do a lot of gyms that have boxing classes for Parkinson’s so it’s great to see them enjoy punching the Aqua Bag with no pain,” said Negron. “A lot of people don’t have perfect technique and that’s where trainers can coach them on how to hit the bag while enjoying it.”

credit: Promountings

Cost Savings for Operators 

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Aqua Bags are as convenient from a pricing and shipping standpoint as they are in the gym. Aqua Bags ship unfilled for under 15 pounds, making them easier and cheaper to shift across the globe. Aqua Bags are usually 50% cheaper than any other heavy bag of the same weight, Promountings reports. 

Aqua Bags are also designed with the long game in mind. The forgiving nature of the bag ensures it will last longer than traditional ones. Bags come with a one-year warranty as extra insurance as well.    

credit: Promountings

All of this is especially convenient for gyms just starting out in the boxing space and for those wanting to order bags in bulk. Aqua bags not only cost less, they last longer.

“While most bags wear down and need to be replaced over time because of usage, the Aqua Bag looks just as good on day one as day 365,” said Negron. “Logistically, shelf space perspective, build-out cost, the Aqua Training Bag is literally the best solution hands down.” 

Gyms can also order bags in different colors and sizes, making them applicable to any brand. Promountings plans to begin rolling out Aqua Training Bags in retail stores nationwide in 2025. Be on the lookout for new shapes, sizes, and colors by the end of the year.

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