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Weight Loss Takes a Backseat to Building Muscle in 2023

Weight Loss Takes a Backseat to Building Muscle in 2023

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Losing weight has been a top concern for many whenever a new year begins. But for 2023, more individuals hope to build muscle, according to Life Time’s annual health and wellness survey.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot… and weight loss? According to an annual health and wellness survey conducted by Life Time, more people have decided to put a focus on building muscle over losing pounds in 2023. The gap between the two fitness targets is 2 percent (32% for building muscle versus 30% for weight loss). Still, Life Time cites that’s still a significant number to take note of as results show a 10 percent jump from last year’s findings and a surprising pivot away from weight loss being the usual number one New Year’s fitness goal on a yearly basis.

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Over 1,000 people were surveyed in the poll.

Life Time Senior Director of Fitness and Nutrition and RD, CPT Anika Christ says of the survey’s results, “The benefits of building and maintaining muscle go far beyond defined arms, abs and legs. In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects of long-term health and longevity so this finding is music to my ears. More often than not, people get fixated on dropping pounds as their priority when the reality is building strength leads to weight loss, the ability to do more in our daily tasks, an improved mental state and so much more.” 

Following building muscle and weight loss as the number one and two fitness goals for 2023, respectively, is moving more at number three. 14.6 percent of people surveyed named this as a health target to strive for. 12.9 percent of people polled would like to eat better and 10.5 percent are set on improving their mental health this year.

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The expanding health club chain is currently offering a complimentary Life Time Digital membership for the month of January to those who don’t live near any of its clubs.

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