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Vibes Music Gives Personal Trainers Access to Songs From Top Artists

Vibes Music Gives Personal Trainers Access to Songs From Top Artists

Vibes Music has launched a new fitness music app, becoming the first to offer licensed music from original artists tailored for fitness professionals. 

This new platform gives personal trainers and fitness coaches the ability to use authentic tracks from popular artists such as Taylor Swift, Drake, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5 and Selena Gomez during their workout sessions. 

This development is expected to upgrade the ambiance and effectiveness of workouts, moving away from generic tracks that have been prevalent in the industry.

“This is a total game-changer for fitness pros,” said William Kelley, an independent fitness and wellness provider from Rutland, Vermont. “Many of us use fake-sounding cover songs or elevator music for our classes, which can deflate the energy in the room and negatively impact the workout.”

There are legal implications to playing music in training sessions or classes without a public performance license (PPL). It is also a copyright violation to use playlists from iTunes, Spotify, or even a CD without obtaining the proper licensing, unless the music is in the public domain. 

Music motivates people and establishes an emotional connection, which can drive adherence. Fitness professionals who remain in compliance with copyright laws typically play altered versions of popular favorites that don’t quite hit the mark. 

The Vibes Music app houses a library of nearly two million songs, including from Universal Music Group, spanning both contemporary hits and classic tracks. Organized by genre, the collection facilitates the creation of seamless, DJ-style, nonstop mixes and playlists.

Vibes Music distinguishes itself from other music streaming services by catering to the needs of the fitness industry. Features include the ability to adjust song tempo and select music based on beats per minute, enhancing the workout experience. Additionally, the app offers pre-curated mixes crafted by other fitness professionals.

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Denise Imbesi, founder of Vibes Music, highlighted the milestone of securing the rights to this catalog, emphasizing the app’s delivery of “real music by real artists” to fitness professionals. 

“I’ve been working in this industry my entire career and securing the rights to Universal Music Group’s catalog unlocks the one thing fit pros have wanted and needed for years,” Imbesi said.  

Vibes Music has established partnerships with IDEA, ACE, Fit Bodies, Forte and YMCA, broadening its reach and accessibility. The app is available in various pricing tiers and packages in the U.S. and Canada, with plans for further expansion. 

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