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Stretch Zone Continues To Expand as Assisted Stretching Booms

Stretch Zone Continues To Expand as Assisted Stretching Booms

The stretch therapy franchise has opened 100 new locations over the past year as wellness enthusiasts seek assisted stretching services

Stretch Zone, an assisted stretching brand using a patented strapping system on proprietary tables, is expanding its footprint in New York.

The stretch therapy franchise currently has five studios in the Albany and Saratoga areas, with additional locations on Long Island, and is planning to add Stretch Zone studios to New York City, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo.

Earlier this year, Stretch Zone received a strategic investment from Princeton Equity Group, providing the company with resources to support its expansion and assist with client growth.

“We are excited to extend our presence throughout the entire state of New York, reaching and serving its diverse communities,” said Tony Zaccario, president and CEO of Stretch Zone. “Over the past year, we have successfully opened 100 new locations, offering our services to communities nationwide and positively impacting countless lives.”

Stretch Zone, citing a Forbes list that named New York one of the top ten healthiest states in the U.S. and its population of roughly 20 million, believes the Empire State is the perfect environment for its franchise expansion plans.

The Stretch Zone concept, founded in 2004 by Jorden Gold, was inspired to help Gold assist his bedridden grandfather regain mobility. With a background in personal training, Gold developed a unique method using a table and straps to help his grandfather walk again. Intending to help others, Gold began to introduce the practitioner-assisted stretching method through a franchise model.

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Practitioner-led stretching offers a personalized routine by positioning, stabilizing and isolating muscles so Stretch Zone clients can enjoy a deep stretch effortlessly. 

“We welcome like-minded franchisees who share our unwavering commitment to serving local communities,” Zaccario said. “Our brand’s strength lies in our robust support system for franchisees, which has propelled us to establish 300 thriving locations, all without a single studio closure. Our resilience and the equity we offer as a franchise opportunity remain steadfast and resolute.”

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