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REP Fitness Eyes Commercial Market With Cardio, Strength Innovations

REP Fitness Eyes Commercial Market With Cardio, Strength Innovations

Founded in 2012 and twice listed on the Inc. 5000, REP is making its equipment available for gyms, studios and fitness facilities

After making a name for themselves as a top at-home strength equipment supplier over the past decade, REP Fitness aims to do the same from a commercial standpoint — viewing the IHRSA and FIBO 2024 trade shows as their launchpad. 

Founded in 2012, REP Fitness produces and sells state-of-the-art benches, bars, plates, racks, dumbbells and more, featuring an innovative and ambitious approach to equipment manufacturing. At IHRSA this spring, they’ll showcase their Athena™ attachments, PR-5000 rack, Commercial Rig and their never-before-seen cardio equipment. Each product promises to further REP’s progress in reaching the commercial audience. 

With a team of over 200, listed on the Inc. 5000 twice, worldwide distribution, and doing over $100 million in sales in 2023, REP feels the timing is now right to enter the commercial space.

A New Take on Air Resistance Cardio

REP’s new Cardio line is not just one piece of hardware, but a hybrid collection of 12 machines, all of which subject the user to air-resistance training. Four components of the new Cardio lineup will be present at IHRSA including the cycle, air bike, rower and SkiErg. 

While several other machines in the fitness space offer this form of workout, Airmaxx allows users to adjust their degree of difficulty or resistance while exercising, putting the product in its own class. 

“Air bikes and rowing machines, those are all well-established products, but you’re usually choosing either a low-intensity steady-state or high-intensity interval training,” said Ryan McGrotty, REP Fitness CEO and Co-Founder. “With the new Cardio lineup, you can do both.”

The Cardio equipment’s low-end effort level can operate as low as any other low-intensity, steady-state bike on the market, but the product digs deep in the other direction as well. The Cario equipment’s high-end offerings can reach a perceived effort level several times higher than that of any high-intensity interval training, air-powered cardio product out there.

The equipment’s patented adjustable fan blade makes this versatility possible. Users can move it anywhere from zero to a 90-degree angle, altering the perceived effort level. Both the commercial and home-gym levels of the product will be on display at IHRSA 2024. 

“We’re excited to get people’s feedback on it because it’s honestly just really fun to use and the first time you try it, it’s almost like the first time you drive a fast car,” McGrotty added. “You just have a smile on your face.”

Ryan McGrotty (credit: REP Fitness)

Best-in-Class Equipment

The Athena™, and PR-5000 rack will also be on display this spring. Space is a premium for both home and commercial gyms. The Athena™ turns the existing power rack footprint into both a power rack and functional trainer. With independent adjustable trolleys, a user can perform both traditional barbell work in the power rack but also various cable exercises. The entire system is commercial grade, modular, and can accommodate any size footprint.

“All are part of an ecosystem where you can mix and match however you want,” McGrotty said. “The whole ecosystem is designed to work together so that you can build whatever setup works for your space. There’s a lot of versatility with using cable machines and being able to integrate those within a footprint of a power rack, for example, is a relatively new thing.”

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That versatility not only makes things convenient for users in their immediate workout setting, but also for operators in terms of generating more space, room for equipment, members, and finally profit

“It’s space and cost savings,” McGrotty said. “That’s a similar concern whether you’re operating a personal training studio or a collegiate facility. We’re always thinking about how we can make your space more versatile and more useful. Ares and Athena are especially a big part of that, figuring out how we can allow people to get more done in the same space.”

credit: REP Fitness

Ready for a Breakout

McGrotty shared that over 1,000 clubs added pieces of REP Fitness equipment last year. However, the REP team feels they’re only scratching the surface with that figure. They plan to keep their ears to the ground at IRSHA, adapt and then grow.

“One of our primary goals is to listen and learn because it’s our first time at the show,” McGrotty said. “We really want to hear from club owners what is important to them and what we need to do to have an attractive lineup for them. I know that feedback pipeline is going to be put in place to make sure we’re dialing things in going forward for commercial.”

“For those that are not aware of our brand, we’re probably one of the biggest home-gym companies that’s flown under the radar because we haven’t been out at trade shows, sponsoring events and sponsoring athletes,” he added. “We’ve grown with just product innovation. But this year, with commercial, we’re going to be applying the same formula that’s worked for us on the home gym side, which is really listening and learning from our customers, regarding where they see holes in the market and where they see lacking innovation. We’re looking forward to feedback from all the club owners and other members of IRSHA.” 

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